Zahnarztpraxis Lamezan & von Sparr reviews and experiences

Date: 07.06.2020

I can warmly recommend the dental practice! Dr. von Sparr is a very sensitive dentist and I felt very comfortable with him and the team. I was advised extensively and competently and am super happy about the perfect result. A big thank you!

Date: 15.09.2018

Who wants to go to the dentist? Neither do I, but since I have been treated by Mr Lamezan, my attitude has changed: I like to go with him. A very competent, sensitive and serious dentist, who does an excellent job and with whom I have the feeling to be well advised. Thank you so much.

Date: 29.08.2018

Review from Roland Meier

Very competent dentist. Price performance is right. Takes his time for his customers. With his humor, the fear of the dentist also diminishes. Very clean practice. Very centrally accessible by public transport or by car. Very friendly staff and dental hygienists. I feel very comfortable and in good hands in this practice. THANKS. R. Meier

Date: 16.01.2016

As a result of heavy wear, I had Dr. Lamezan re-crown all my teeth. The whole treatment lasted about a year. Dr. Lamezan, his team and his dental technician did a great job! Not cheap - but always worth its money.

Date: 01.09.2015

Dr. Roger Lamezan and his entire team are all top performers and always friendly. Agreed treatment times are observed both for the start time and the duration of treatment. My experience relates to dental hygiene, caries control, implants and crowning. Everything was in order from A to Z (discussion for analysis/enlightenment/determination of procedure, treatments, availability for questions, budget compliance). The results are a source of great pleasure; the first-class work of Cerom AG, Romy Meier, also made a significant contribution to the perfect aesthetic image. Laughter makes so still more joy! I highly recommend the practice of Dr Roger Lamezan. Alice Müller, Lenzburg

Date: 22.08.2012

The work of Dr. Lamezan convinces me very much both in the consultation and in the treatment. With all advantages and disadvantages he lists all possibilities to the patient, the cheapest and the most expensive. After that, the patient has enough time to think about the matter and make a decision. The implementation is in good hands with Mr Lamezan. Dental hygiene is also good, waiting times are strange, if they do occur, they are short. All in all a very strong team!

Date: 17.03.2012

I've had an intensive year of dentistry... And I'm still alive!! Thank you for the excellent work, the good atmosphere, the calm nature during the treatments! And I mean everyone who had anything to do with me! (and - petit clin d'oeil - what would the dentist be without the wonderful team that supports him?) It may sound strange, but I'd love to come to you! Best regards Röby Wark

Date: 26.11.2009

Mr. Lamezan works very quickly and well. With him you get to the "hot" chair at the agreed time. He is not a dry dentist, he always has a saying ready, that doesn't make the whole thing so tedious. With me he was allowed to make fillings, pull wisdom teeth, treat gums and build in a bridge.

Date: 26.11.2009

I've been a patient of Dr. Lamezan for five years and got two implants. I was extremely satisfied with his work and would recommend him at any time.

Date: 25.11.2009

I have been a customer of Dr. Lamezan for years and am always satisfied with the result. Its operation is very uncomplicated (without mountains of masking material) and efficient. Waiting times are not known in this practice, which I very much appreciate. His team is friendly and courteous. Unfortunately it is always well booked and new dates are often not available before the end of a month.

Date: 04.11.2007

So wisdom tooth pulling becomes pure pleasure! After the surgical removal of the wisdom teeth on Wednesday, I was already back on the football field on Saturday: No complaints! Also a good address for non-soccer players...

Date: 06.02.2007

After unsatisfactory experiences with dentists, I ended up here. I find the treatment very competent, fast but without hectic. Dr. Lamezan gives you the choice between different possible variants (cheap - expensive, also amalgam, who wants...). The dental hygienists unfortunately change often, but so far they have all been very thorough. Simply ok :-)

Date: 27.09.2005

I had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Lamezan and regularly visit his dental hygienists and was always very satisfied. The whole team is very friendly and very sensitive... I am (was) a real scaredy-cat visiting the dentist...