Kassian Greif reviews and experiences

Date: 12.12.2016

Big thanks!!!

Date: 28.01.2012

I liked the treatment with Mr. Kassian Greif very much. I had a hole in my tooth and Mr Greif took a lot of time during the consultation to discuss the dental treatment procedure with me. The good communication gave me a secure feeling, because I could ask questions unhindered and Mr Greif explained the different facts in a simple and understandable way. The treatment itself also convinced me. The local anesthesia was set so gently that I did not feel the injection at all. Mr Greif even stayed with me in the treatment room until the syringe worked and talked to me - in this way I was distracted and the fear could not even get high in me. When the syringe had unfolded its effect, Mr Greif began with the work. It went ahead quickly and apart from the sound of the drill I felt nothing - although the hole was very deep. I was really amazed, because in my whole life I had never experienced such a "pleasant" dental treatment. Finally, Mr Greif gave me a few tips on dental care and informed me about possible complications. The complications fortunately did not occur and the tooth is as good as new. For my part, I can only recommend Mr Greif.