Zahnartztpraxis reviews and experiences

Date: 09.10.2015

Starting with the always very friendly appointment arrangement, the visit of the dentist does not frighten me as much as it does before the change to the practice of Dr. Brainovic. This certainly also has to do with the fact that the team functions as such. The sense the boss and his employees have is fantastic. They are aware of how unpleasantly painful it is and act even before you drill your fingernails into your own hand. For me, the quiet nature (between doctor and assistant) and the clear and understandable explanation before the treatment is very pleasant. Also the short conversation after the treatment is always understandable. I would also like to mention that the prices are right and fair. I am really happy to have found my practice more than 10 years ago and I enjoy driving from Zürcheroberlang to Thurgau, even every six months. Conclusion: TOP