megasmile reviews and experiences

Date: 17.07.2017

My name is Stefan B. and I am 22 years old. At my age, I have long thought about taking on the suffering of braces again. In my search for a competent orthodontist, my friends have repeatedly drawn my attention to Dr. Zettel. I was very surprised what a good reputation precedes him. Finally, after long reflection, I have decided to take up the path of suffering again. Dr. Zettel took the time to examine the condition of my teeth at that time. Diagnosis: Deep overbite and slightly twisted lower jaw. He estimates the duration of the treatment at 1.5 years but under one condition, namely absolute discipline. A correction of the jaw position is more difficult in an adult man than in a child because he is no longer in the growth phase. During my treatment time, I was allowed to get to know Dr. Zettel as an extremely friendly person. His competence could be seen in his and his team's reputation. Whenever it was necessary, he took the time to answer my countless questions very friendly. Dr. Zettel always kept me up to date which was very important for me. He knew how to praise my disciplined cooperation, which also motivated me again and again. After 16 months my treatment finally ended. I am more than satisfied with the result. My jaw and tooth positions are now perfect! Personally, I can and will recommend Dr. Zettel to others. Please note that the result of your jaw and tooth correction depends very much on you. If you choose Dr. Zettel, then you have made the right decision. If you follow Dr. Zettel's instructions, you will certainly be overwhelmed by the result. Think about it carefully, because braces require some tributes. Are you ready to take on this relatively short suffering path for a perfect smile?

Date: 27.06.2017

My daughter has been in treatment with Dr. Zettel for over two years. It is also thanks to him that an aggressive jaw tumor has been discovered. We experience Dr. Zettel as a proven expert with extensive experience. He is considered by dentists in Eastern Switzerland to be an expert in orthodontics. His team has always accompanied us very friendly over the years and the ambiance with a view of the Säntis also has its charm - if you can put it that way. We thank him and his team already now. The last preliminary treatment will take place in September. The treatment can be considered a complete success. A big thank you!

Date: 07.06.2017

I highly recommend the practice of Dr. Zettel. I have three children and all three are currently under treatment. Dr. Zettel and his team are very friendly. You can feel that it is very harmonious in practice. The bills can be paid in installments without much back and forth. Really a great practice.

Date: 14.03.2017

I'm afraid I can't recommend Dr. Zettel with a clear conscience. Maybe things used to be different with Mrs. Jacob. I've heard a lot of good things, but unfortunately she's no longer there. Dr. Zettel is very nice to talk to, everything else is very impersonal. Dr. Zettel is very coarse and rough and unfortunately does not have much empathy. His team is partly very friendly and understanding, unfortunately there are also a few big exceptions. We do not feel well taken care of and are happy when our treatment is finished.

Date: 18.08.2010

Very well placed, friendly and understanding team. Every step that is taken is explained to you in such a way that you understand it and have no worries. You feel like you're in really good hands.