Familien Zahnarzt reviews and experiences

Date: 15.07.2020

Review from Alexander Alge

Highly recommended. One feels immediately at ease with the family doctor. I give the highest mark for the whole team. Special thanks to Mrs Koller and Mrs Engler. I personally always find the working atmosphere very respectful and harmonious. Keep up the valued family dentist team! Bravo.

Date: 20.01.2020

Good advice. Fast and pleasant treatment

Date: 05.11.2019

Competent and very friendly treatment - completely satisfied :-)

Date: 01.04.2019

Review from Gabriela Signer

Highly recommended: I have been a patient with Gerd Dauner for over 20 years and now also with Helena Bringmann. As I have been suffering from dental anxiety since my childhood, I am certainly not a simple customer of the practice... The empathetic team always had understanding for me and took care of me very empathetically and very carefully. So good that I even had the courage to go through an aesthetic tooth correction when I was almost 50 years old. Now I am very happy that my teeth have become so wonderfully beautiful!!! And the dental anxiety is as good as vanquished. Many thanks to the whole team :-) Gabriela Signer, Arbon

Date: 17.03.2019

I'm very satisfied. Great team.

Date: 15.03.2019

Completely satisfied. A cheerful, motivated team. Recommended:).

Date: 21.01.2019

Very friendly and competent team!

Date: 14.12.2018

I'm very happy! Competence meets friendliness!

Date: 22.08.2018

A well-rehearsed team. Very friendly and courteous. Outstanding expertise!

Date: 04.07.2018

Extraordinarily friendly dentist's parax with a very competent dentist.

Date: 09.01.2018

Very friendly and attentive staff (reception, dental hygiene, dental assistant). Competent and friendly dentist. Pleasant atmosphere. You feel well taken care of and cared for.

Date: 15.11.2017

A satisfied customer for almost 30 years. Super service, the ladies and gentlemen are always very friendly and well placed. Keep it up! :)

Date: 06.11.2017

Review from Roland Hörler

Very friendly and competent staff. I'd love to come back.

Date: 01.11.2017

Very competent and friendly staff. Recommended only!

Date: 26.10.2017

Review from Nicole Unternährer-Bauer

This practice is recommended. Our whole family has been more than satisfied for years. Great team

Date: 26.10.2017

Actually he's mega good subscription to minere braces hets schomol so it's a couple of things go where a just emel nerves

Date: 26.10.2017

I think the care so far is very good. You take care of the customers and the staff is friendly. I feel comfortable and have the feeling to be in good hands.

Date: 16.10.2017

I had a root canal treatment, I am painless again and completely satisfied. I was treated from the beginning to the end very nice and professional. The family team is great, I can gladly recommend it to others. Roger Smurf

Date: 13.09.2017

Review from Flavio Barzotti

Very competent and very sympathetic. Top service

Date: 11.07.2017

We have been visiting this dental practice for over 25 years and are very satisfied with the services provided. The price-performance ratio is tip top. Customer friendliness, pleasant atmosphere, informative advice and accurate and reliable execution of work are some of the trademarks of this practice. We greatly appreciate this practice and its staff.

Date: 22.04.2017

Both the quality and the price are top!

Date: 09.03.2017

For many years we have been treated as a family by Gert Joachim Dauner, we are very satisfied with his work as a dentist and appreciate him and his team very much. With his kind friendliness and good support we are very well taken care of in his practice. But also, through the Professional Competencies know of his team. We would like to recommend the practice Dauner.

Date: 21.02.2017

perfect, friendly and fast treatment!

Date: 26.01.2017

Review from Frischknecht Martin

Me and my family have all been very satisfied with Mr Dauner for over 20 years. Fair prices and very careful work.

Date: 11.01.2017

Review from Marcella Tanner

Very friendly staff, super service

Date: 16.11.2016

I have been a customer of the Dauner dental practice for many years. During this time, major dental repair and prosthetic work was also carried out. Over the years, I have come to know and appreciate Dentist Dauner and his competent team as a competent and enthusiastic dentist. Many thanks to the dentist Dauner and his team!

Date: 31.05.2016

I was taken seriously as an emergency customer and could come immediately. The reception was very friendly and Mr. Joachim Dauner was able to make a correct diagnosis immediately and acted accordingly... The treatment was simply top! The team is very attentive and human. I felt like I was in a total state of trust. Price and performance match. I thank you very much and wish everyone all the best. Gabrielle Geurts

Date: 28.02.2016

I have been a customer of the Dauner dental practice for many years (or even for decades). During this time, major dental repair and prosthetic work was also carried out. In all the past years I have come to know and appreciate Dentist Dauner and his always friendly and competent team as expert, serious and enthusiastic. Good time management - Waiting times, if they occur at all, are always within limits and can be easily and pleasantly bridged thanks to the laid out and always up-to-date readings/journals. At this point a big thank you to dentist Dauner and his team!

Date: 18.04.2015

Very friendly staff and good service.

Date: 19.02.2015

I know Mr. Dauner since he still worked in Speicher AR after he opened his own practice in Bühler he stayed with him and rightly he is the best dentist where I know very competent always oriented to the wishes of patients and whole team very nice.

Date: 12.01.2014

I have been regularly treated by Mr Dauner for several years now. Be it DH or other treatments, one always feels comfortable in the pleasant working climate. Customer wishes are taken into consideration.

Date: 04.01.2014

Friendly, pleasant and reliable treatment, even with DH.

Date: 09.11.2013

I and my family have been treated as dentists by Mr Dauner for over 35 years. We are still very satisfied with his work and advice.

Date: 06.11.2013

Review from Nöggi Bruno

Very satisfied for approx. 20 years

Date: 01.11.2013

Very friendly and personal treatment!

Date: 08.09.2013

Competent treatment, very friendly patient care.

Date: 01.08.2013

For 30 years my wife and I have been treated to the fullest satisfaction by Team Dauner. Mr. Dauner is an excellent professional who does a very solid and inexpensive job. We can only recommend Mr. Dauner and his team. Hedi and Jörg Anner Gundetswil

Date: 03.07.2013

Friendly service, honest advice.

Date: 08.06.2013

Honest, professional, equipped with the latest equipment, no waiting times,... Simply super I have never had a bad feeling before, during or after my visit to the dentist! I really appreciate the friendliness and courtesy of the employees. One 6 with asterisk :)

Date: 13.02.2013

Very competent, price / performance is right, friendly staff, good advice no gilding of the dentition (what is necessary is done) with hints what would still be possible as embellishment.

Date: 29.01.2013

I have been going to Mr Dauner for dental treatment for years and he is always friendly! I am very satisfied with his way of dealing with clients and respecting their wishes.

Date: 15.11.2011

My husband and I are very satisfied with the specialist medical care ... and also with the established kind of the boss and his team ... Christel and Theo Eggenberger Gais

Date: 17.03.2010

Very competent, modern practice, friendly staff, no long waiting times, accurate and fast work at moderate prices. Highly recommended.

Date: 08.03.2010

The man is totally quality-conscious and responsible - probably also because he has to be like that as an aircraft designer - and you can also see his / my teeth: since the 1st Dauner visit 20 years ago (at that time he ordained in Speicher) my teeth in need of renovation stabilized until today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. P.S: The down team with daughter etc. is also great!

Date: 25.03.2009

We enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the uncomplicated team at every visit. Mr. Dauner works professionally and what is most important, as gently as possible for the patient. We are not afraid of the dentist, thanks to Mr. Dauner and his team =), there will also be no unnecessary operations or superfluous treatments are performed. Everything is right here The price The performance and the execution and the diagnosis. Go get him

Date: 20.06.2008

Competent and sympathetic. Good team.

Date: 22.04.2008

My tooth correction with a "brace" is finally completed, I am very satisfied with the final result. I was treated friendly and competent especially by the dental assistants.

Date: 27.03.2008

Mr. Dauner, was the dentist who took away my fear. He has my full confidence and convinced me that it also works without pain!!! I can only recommend Mr. Dauner with his whole team and say, there I drive gladly again.

Date: 07.03.2008

I've been a customer of Mr. Dauner since I was a boy. Couldn't complain about the good service, the painless treatments or anything else until now. Keep it up

Date: 29.01.2008

He "took" away my dental anxiety. I only "felt" a little during the respective treatments. I am very satisfied and would like to continue with him in the future!

Date: 28.11.2007

I have been very satisfied for years, especially the friendliness of the employees and the uncomplicated handling of appointments are always surprising. One gladly accepts a somewhat longer drive.

Date: 07.11.2007

Mr. Dauner was the dentist who took away my fear. He has my full confidence and convinced me that it also works without pain! I can only recommend Mr. Dauner!

Date: 05.04.2007

I have been a patient of Mr. Dauner for almost 2o years, he even took away my panic fear of "dentists". My children were also regularly in the practice because of a tooth correction, and it is also nice to meet partly long-time helpers, which speaks also very much for this enterprise. To be able to do a DH treatment in the same practice, I estimate also.

Date: 03.04.2007

Mr. Dauner is a very competent dentist, he does his work cleanly, well and fast. I can only recommend him.

Date: 01.03.2007

Very competent advice, reasonable price, I have been a satisfied customer of Herr for 20 years. down

Date: 08.02.2007

No long waiting times, absolutely painless, competent advice with a good price-performance ratio