Pierre Brazzola reviews and experiences

Date: 25.04.2018

Summary in bulk according to letter: Invoice n°6023-1 of 19.09.2017 Sir, Your invoice n°6023-1 reached me well, I had it posted on my freezer thinking it was an April fish, yet we are currently at the beginning of December. When I called you, it was to get another doctor's opinion than mine, concerning my tooth n°22 which was moving and whose purpose was to pull out. I would like to point out that shortly before this terrible news I had already spent CHF 1,500 on a root treatment at another charlatan who knew full well that it would be useless but who nevertheless carried out this operation. You will understand that the last straw that broke the camel's back was your invoice of CHF 232.50, which shows an approximate reattachment and a small image. It seems to me that I have worked on this in practical work at school, good technique that pays off, thank you for the information. In summary, I am very disappointed with this approach, I know you don't care, but I want to make that clear. You had been advised by Mr Patrick Bernard who had praised me well for you, so my disappointment is greater, especially since I am still waiting for your news following the various phones I have made. But know that water has since flowed, my tooth has been pulled out, I had a lot of trouble to regain confidence following all these bad experiences, but finally I was cared for by professionals and enthusiasts of their profession in Budapest. I do not hide the fact that all dentists in this country can return to school or change jobs. It is sad that we have to move abroad in order to have a quality work, with a listening, psychology, humanity and a decent work. You can be sure that your reminder of 24.11.2017 has ended up in the garbage and that under no circumstances will this amount be paid to you. I leave it to you to take the administrative measures with the litigation and wish you all the best. Sincerely yours and best regards.