Paul Oesch reviews and experiences

Date: 12.08.2019

Mr. Oesch has cancelled an appointment for my daughter that has already been confirmed. This after we had once completely correctly cancelled an appointment in the previous year completely correctly weeks before. I can't recommend this dentist for the life of me. Dr. R. Jakob

Date: 27.11.2013

The whole family was repeatedly treated by Dr.Oesch and we can say that over the years we received a constant friendly consultation and treatment, with which we were very satisfied every time. It is very pleasant to notice that he took every question, no matter how absurd, seriously on my part and answered it calmly and extensively and that he also treats the children very sensitively during the treatment. It makes you feel good all around.

Date: 28.05.2009

From the first day on, a very friendly and competent appearance. You feel very comfortable and in good hands. Margot Wehrli