Zahnärzte in der Stadtturmstrasse reviews and experiences

Date: 27.09.2017

Review from Mathi As

I came to practice after researching the Internet. So I signed up for a dental briefing there. I got an appointment by phone within 10 days. Since I'm not a dentist's friend at all, I had a bit of a jitters. When I arrived at the practice, I was warmly greeted. Mrs. Teuta Perlepi took me to her practice room. She took her time to answer my questions and explained the whole process and possible risks etc. to me in detail. From the very first moment I felt completely at home. Which takes a lot to do for me at a dentist's. The whole session with teeth cleaning and bleaching lasted about 2 hours. She was very precise and sensitive. I was inquiring about my condition several times. What should also be noted is that I had unintentionally hit the time of a bleaching action. That means it cost less than usual. And yet after the second 8 minutes she said that she would like to try another 8 minutes, as long as I am not in pain. I find this particularly worth mentioning. Since I paid less than usual, the service was by no means saved. Others could set an example for themselves! I am more than satisfied with the result. I'm not in any pain 24 hours later. What was different with me only after a tooth cleaning with other dentists! In summary, I can more than recommend bleaching as well as tooth cleaning and the whole practice. Me, I'll definitely go back there!!!

Date: 06.12.2011

I would like to thank you very much for your patience. As an anxiety patient, you've had so much patience. My implant, I'm really proud of it. Looks really nice. Now I have a nice white smile. Thank you. I'll take care of it. H Meier

Date: 24.07.2009

I'm an anxiety patient. Due to frequent moves I have been to many dentists, but Dr. Gut's practice is by far the best. Dr. Dulügge has taken excellent care of me and been able to take away my fear a little bit. Many thanks for that! M. Sprinzing

Date: 22.09.2008

Good evening. Let me tell you something, THANK YOU. You saved my life. After my bike accident, they helped me so much. After 2 implants I have a beautiful smile again. You've done a wonderful job. Thanks to your dental assistants. Heinrich Nilsson

Date: 01.02.2008

Friendly, competent. An intern treated. Dr Gut was not present. Offer exceeded by CHF 100.

Date: 31.08.2006

I have known the dental centre since 2003 and am very, very satisfied! Competent, friendly and very good price/performance ratio. Although I actually panic at dentists, I feel well taken care of here. ;) urs fisler, untersiggenthal