Zahnärzte neXt to Bellevue reviews and experiences

Date: 25.02.2019

Painless and professionally carried out dental hygiene, friendly atmosphere in the practice. Big praise to Mrs. Horvat. I'd love to come back!

Date: 16.01.2019

I've been a customer at the next to Bellevue dental practice for years. I am very satisfied with the quality of the services, especially the advice from Dr. Kohlert is convincing and the treatments by Dr. Allamprese were impeccable. Then I would also like to mention the DH Mrs. Burro very positively. Thank you very much, sir.

Date: 04.01.2019

This is the best dental practice I know, and I've tried some. Dr. Kohlert immediately recognizes what needs to be done and gives me professional and human advice. And who likes to go to the dentist? But with him, I'm always treated perfectly and painlessly. In this practice, the patient is cared for from A to Z to the fullest satisfaction and only at fairest prices. I have always recommended neXt to Bellevue and received only good feedback. Keep it up, because you're a rarity in a dental office!

Date: 19.12.2018

Was treated very well and gently as an anxiety patient. Also price-performance ratio is very good. Thanks to the whole team and especially to Dr. Kohlert for the good and emergency treatment.

Date: 11.12.2018

I cannot share the good reviews for this practice. In fact, a very beautifully furnished, modern practice. Unfortunately, however, the first major treatment caused pain, which I am still not completely rid of now, three months later. Dr. Kohlert also wanted to perform procedures that other dentists perform with syringes without anesthesia. I advise against being treated by Dr. Kohlert.

Date: 01.11.2018

I have been a patient at next to Bellevue Dentists for over 10 years. I am very satisfied with the services and the treatments performed. That I like to laugh and show my teeth proudly.

Date: 30.10.2018

I was totally satisfied with the treatment because I had no pain I was well advised about everything and informed beforehand. The people who work there were extremely friendly and courteous towards me. I will definitely go there again and even my health insurance Swica takes over a part of the bill. Goran Mijatovic

Date: 14.10.2018

An incredibly good dental practice. The reception was very friendly and I felt directly welcome. In addition, the practice radiated a pleasant atmosphere. Dr. Kohlert examined me and informed me in detail about my status. He took time for me and answered my questions competently. The teeth cleaning itself went perfectly and I felt good all the time. A praise from me and the practice is to be recommended!

Date: 08.05.2018

Super advice, no waiting time and super prices

Date: 17.02.2018

Mr. Kohlert is one of the best dentists I ever had! Also suitable for patients with anxiety, as he takes great care to ensure that treatment is as painless as possible. Anyway, I've never had any pain during surgery before. In addition, he is a dentist who acts very competently and tries, whenever possible, to preserve the tooth substance. That's why I never felt like I was getting ripped off here. But also the whole staff is extremely friendly and competent. I can only recommend this practice!

Date: 09.11.2017

Review from Ardita Sulejmani

I was there today with my son. Excellent reception, relaxing atmosphere, very friendly and competent staff. Dr. Kohlert had to pull a milk tooth from his son (6), which went very well and was free of charge as it was the first examination. Other practices wanted 250 for the same performance. Just to recommend next practice thanks again Dr. Kohlert...we will be happy to come again

Date: 19.08.2017

Sehr guter Zahnarzt, sowie auch DH! Man fühlt sich wohl und merkt den ehrlichen Spirit innerhalb der Praxis. Das findet man leider nicht oft heutzutage bei Zahnärzten und in der Medizinbranche! Das Geschäftskonzept wird hervorragend umgesetzt und man fühlt sich als Patient sehr wohl von der ersten Minute! Das Preis-/ Leistungsverhältnis und die günstige Lage runden die Dienstleistung hervorragend ab!

Date: 26.05.2017

Very good service, friendly staff, professional and great location.

Date: 22.04.2017

Super practice. best dentist in Zurich that I met. he took his time for me on saturday at short notice. I can only recommend . Thank you very much. Vera H.

Date: 06.04.2017

I am very satisfied with all employees of this practice. 1A care and treatment.

Date: 24.02.2017

Competent - efficient - fair in price. Something of the best on Zurich Square. Great. Thank you very much! P. from Horgen

Date: 27.09.2016

Hello I've been a client for years. By chance, this was the first time. Quality is offered and the price-performance ratio is right. I can only recommend this practice. I've been to a lot of dentists. It is very easy to reach by public transport and parking is always available nearby. At this point we would like to thank our employees... Vangelis Giagiozis

Date: 11.04.2016

At the reception I was already welcomed very friendly and there was also no long waiting time. Also the dental hygiene was very good and my teeth were really bright. I can recommend this practice to anyone. The equipment alone is beautiful and the whole team is nice and courteous. A big thank you also to Dr. Kohlert. Best regards

Date: 04.02.2016

First of all I have to inform you that due to bad experiences in my childhood I definitely belong to the dentist's anxiety phases. Unfortunately a piece of my molar tooth broke off three weeks ago, so that the visit could not be avoided. The lady on the phone was extremely friendly and immediately gave me an appointment. After a restless night my appointment with the dentists was next to Bellevue. I was very nicely received and had hardly taken a seat in the beautiful waiting area, when Dr. Gross picked me up. She is a very friendly and sensitive dentist and radiates peace and security. She explained every step of the treatment and the x-ray so clearly that my fear disappeared. During the treatment she kept asking me about my condition. I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you for the pleasant treatment.

Date: 23.01.2016

I can warmly recommend the dental practice next to Bellevue! When in the middle of the week I felt pain overnight on the last molar tooth on the right side of my lower jaw, I immediately called the following day (due to the exclusively positive evaluations on the Internet and especially on and got an appointment with Dr. Helfried Kohlert on the morning of the following day (Friday). As soon as I entered the practice I was welcomed very kindly. The lady at the reception took my jacket and accompanied me to the waiting room, where I filled out the typical first customer form. After 2 minutes I felt another very friendly lady came and took the completed form and brought me to one of the treatment rooms. Normally from this moment on I get a bit anxious (and intimidated), after all this is the moment when there is no turning back. However, Dr. Kohlert seemed to have noticed this consciously and greeted me very friendly and immediately responded to me by letting me describe exactly what my complaints and symptoms are. Normally, most dentists would recommend taking an x-ray now (to calculate this later, of course). However, Dr. Kohlert made it clear to me that he could clearly deduce the cause of my complaints from my description and that an X-ray image was not necessary. Admittedly, I already told him during my description that I was afraid that my previous dentist must have overlooked that the filling was too close to the dental nerve and that it was therefore hypersensitive and ultimately inflamed, so that the tooth had to undergo root canal treatment. Dr. Kohlert heard my diagnosis with a smile and affirmed my conclusion. I immediately made it clear to him that because of the removal of 4 whiteness teeth and 2 dental treatments due to caries last month I would be very sensitive to pain in my teeth and I already had a root canal treatment (at the age of 13) that was extremely painful. Since Dr. Kohlert assumed that the tooth to be treated was inflamed, it can become more difficult to numb the nerve perfectly. Nevertheless, he made it clear to me that a painless treatment is possible in any case, it only takes time. I finally got an injection for anesthesia. Afterwards he had a very relaxed conversation with me until the full effect of the anesthesia was achieved. Afterwards he tested by knocking whether I could still feel something on the tooth in question. I nodded (a little unsettled and still anxious to feel pain), although to be honest I wasn't sure if I was just feeling the pressure on my jaw or if I was still feeling something via the dental nerve. Dr. Kohlert immediately took the syringe and gave me another shot from the local anaesthetic (and afterwards I really couldn't feel half my face properly anymore and that gave me openly and honestly the security I needed :D). After that he waited a few minutes, in which we talked about his studies (the good man was an engineer until he was 30 years old and then switched to dentistry!!), my current studies and the fact that technically you can be the best dentist, but without the necessary passion for the craft, but still useless for the job. Anyway, finally the intervention began and I noticed that after all the conversations my fear was almost eroded and I was simply "ready"! He first drilled away the previous filling of the molar tooth and without me noticing it, he felt 50 seconds after the beginning of the procedure he was already about to kill the nerve. After another 20 seconds he smilingly told me that the nerve was now dead and honestly, I didn't feel anything. If I hadn't had my eyes open, I probably wouldn't have even noticed that he was treating my tooth at all. Actually, killing the nerve was the biggest and most painful trauma in my childhood, but Dr. Kohlert did it all with such ease and certainty that I felt like I was doing dental hygiene :-) What followed was root canal cleaning. It sounds brutal and the device doesn't really look reassuring either, but I didn't feel anything.... nada, niente, rien, just nothing! He took the cleansing very seriously, which is why this part of the treatment took the longest. In the end there was still enough medication in the canals and closed the tooth provisionally. He told me openly and honestly that it is normal for the tooth to hurt within the next 2 days (many call this a painful "throbbing"), but it can also be that there is no pain at all (of course the best case scenario)! In case of pain he gave me a pack of Ibuprofen tablets (200mg). The final closure of the tooth and the reconstruction of the tooth should then take place after one week without pain. Finally, he took the time (despite the fact that he had another patient afterwards) to explain to me exactly why it is important to brush your teeth thoroughly and correctly (now I know what paradontosis is :-) ). The good doctor has opened my eyes again and dissolved some wrong conventions on my part! All in all probably the best treatment of a dentist I have experienced with my 24 years, which is why I can absolutely recommend this dental practice! :-) PS: I am writing now 2 days after my treatment and had no pain! This does not necessarily correspond to the normal case, but it shows that Dr. Kohlert did everything right. Another satisfied patient he has for sure!

Date: 23.11.2015

Among other things, I went to the dentists neXt to Bellevue for wisdom tooth removal. A tooth at the top right, it was a mesially inclined, impacted wisdom tooth. I came to Dr. Allamprese with the x-ray and he promised he'd have the tooth out in 10 minutes. He kept his word after a quarter of an hour everything was over and I could leave the practice with Kühlpad. The whole team was great, I was really scared and the assistant took a lot of time for me. Today the threads were pulled, "healing like in a picture book", no swelling, everything healed. Super dentist, super modern practice. Also the tooth cleaning I had before the surgery was top. Insgesmat a great and very positive experience, although I am normally an anxiety patient.

Date: 25.09.2015

Modern practice and very professional advice. Appointments also possible after office hours. My malpositioned teeth were corrected by Dr. Kohlert with great skill and knowledge in one treatment. Without braces, without pain and at an incredible rate. Looks very natural . . .and I'm going to get out of here. I am overjoyed and can finally laugh and show my teeth after so many years. Thank you very much. I am happy to recommend this dental practice to others. Simply top! RZ/Zurich

Date: 05.08.2015

Although I have never been completely dissatisfied with my old dentist of many years, I recently came to the practice next to Bellevue for a second opinion. Dr. Matin took a lot of time for me, explained everything to me in detail and in a very understandable way and didn't even charge anything for it. I'm thrilled!!! He and the whole team are highly recommendable!

Date: 14.07.2015

I called yesterday because of severe pain and got an appointment on the same day (I am not a regular customer). I was received by Dr. Kohlert for the first consultation. Mr. Kohlert soon had a suspicion, but wanted to discuss it with another doctor present. As he was busy at the time, I enjoyed a comprehensive explanation of periodontal disease, tooth decay and his studies in the USA. It was very interesting, and you can tell that he is there with his heart. The second doctor confirmed his suspicion: pain due to teeth grinding. I am very grateful to both of them for the professional advice, the friendliness and the pleasure in their profession. This conversation and the control were free of charge, which I find very generous. I will certainly come back again and can recommend the practice to others very much.

Date: 07.04.2015

I have been a very satisfied patient at this dentist for years: always very professional and with great craftsmanship; very modern practice and technical equipment; a dentist where the patient's interests come first (and not the dentist's income maximization). Fully recommendable.

Date: 27.01.2015

Review from Amina V.

So that's how I see a visit to the dentist. :)

Date: 13.11.2014

This dental office is great. The whole team is very nice and competent. Especially for anxiety patients like me, I feel very comfortable there. I was always well advised. Dr. Kohlert pays attention also to the narrow purses of his patients and works thus cost-saving with good result! Many thanks again ! I will recommend this dental practice to others. Best regards A.O.

Date: 03.11.2014

Hello Dr. A. Boda and neXt to Bellevue Dental Team As you know, recently a person on my behalf and with my dentist data has written a negative review about Dr. Boda. I am very shocked and sad, also angry that there are such people. You only do that to someone who's really good! Fortunately I learned about it and this rating could be deleted. With this letter I would like to distance myself clearly from this negative evaluation, because I was and am very satisfied with each treatment! I have already personally recommended the practice neXt to Bellevue and everyone is totally enthusiastic and doesn't want to go to any other dentist anymore, just like me. I feel attacked myself, because this negative entry has clearly brought my personal data, which I have not released, into the public domain. This is slander and damage to reputation. I hope you find this person as soon as possible. So this practice is really great! I don't know any better. With gratitude Susanna Gräub

Date: 22.10.2014

Positively surprised at Dr. Matin, he's really as good as they say he is. Relaxed relaxed dentist. Makes you feel safe. Very accommodating with the prices. All staff competent and very nice. All in all, I feel very well taken care of. I am very satisfied, no pain, everything has fascinated me very much, no waiting times, there was always drinking, the whole package is right. I have a long journey but I'm happy to accept that, my whole family will come to Next to Bellevue in the future! Great team!!! Best dentist!! Great prices! That's Next to Bellevue.

Date: 16.09.2014

Super dental hygiene & care at Marina Vidic

Date: 25.08.2014

I am very satisfied with the treatment of Dr. Matin and his colleague Lipovica. Dr. Matin has a calm and precise way of working and a lot of empathy. He and the male assistant radiate competence and fresh spirit. The teamwork is friendly and good. I'm very pleased. I also found the always short waiting times very pleasant. Super Service, Super Dentist!! All in all ; highly recommendable

Date: 15.07.2014

Dear Dr. Boda, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that you have advised me well and done a great job. I dare to open my mouth again, to laugh and to show my teeth with a little pride. I only get compliments from the people who knew me with the "protruding" teeth. Thanks again for everything. Brunhilde Gaertner

Date: 25.06.2014

Hello, I had to go to the dentist for a root canal treatment and so I came back to Dr. Kohlert. His expertise and efficient way of working freed me from my pain within a short time. At the same time he saw a missing piece on the neighboring tooth and built it up in the same way. During the inspection Dr. Kohlert found a crack in one of my crowns, which he had made 5 years ago. He pointed this out to me and immediately agreed to replace this crown under warranty. 2 appointments later everything is wonderful again and I can even pay the root canal treatment in 2 installments. I've had a lot of dentist experience over the last 30 years. This dentist can recommend with a clear conscience. RE. Zurich

Date: 17.06.2014

I have been a client of neXt to Bellvue dentists for 7 years. The practice was recommended to me at that time by a colleague. And I am happy to pass on this recommendation. Because the treatments were always top. No matter if root canal treatment or simple DH. I never had the feeling that something was done too much, but it is only treated what actually needs to be treated. And at fair prices (a comparison, e.g. in dental hygiene, is worth it). Through the band very friendly and competent staff with a great Dr. Kohlert at the top. I write it here and have also said it personally: For me the best dentist in the world.

Date: 03.03.2014

As an emergency I came to this practice shortly before Christmas, and already on the phone I was shown a great understanding, and in the practice I was given such a warm welcome, friendly and enlightening by the dentist and his assistant, and I was very well taken care of all around, although I was being treated abroad, I was well cared for, enlightened about everything and treated as well, and I can only recommend this practice to others. I have had very positive experiences with the neXt to Bellevue dental practice, both professionally and personally. It is not a very easy situation concerning my previous history, but Dr. Kohlert, Dr. Boda and Dr. Fass showed a lot of empathy and competence and this from the procedure, clarification - up to the help. As mentioned, it was a difficult situation with 20 years of history and I felt very well taken care of. I would like to thank Dr. Kohlert, the other doctors and especially all your very friendly ladies at the reception and those who accompanied the treatments. I felt very well taken care of, you were there for me with a lot of empathy and competence. Thank you so much! Conditions you don't see very often anymore. With 20 years of dental history, I can only recommend this practice to you as a special contact point for anxious patients - where I would like to give you Dr. Fass and Dr. Kohlert as a tip. In this practice humanity - emotional competence & medical art are united. Vorsorge Tip - you've come to the right place.

Date: 21.12.2013

Review from Marc Marco

Since I got dental problems at short notice and all dentists already had Christmas holidays, I came by Google to this practice. Already on the phone I showed super understanding. In the practice super received, friendly and enlightening by the dentist and his assistant. I filled up all around super, was enlightened super about everything and also treated. Can this practice only recommend to others

Date: 22.11.2013

After 10 years in South America I was looking for a dental practice after my return to Switzerland. Through the website I found the practice neXt to Bellevue. Several times I was there in treatment and I am really enthusiastic about atmosphere, friendliness and expertise. I was well advised and treated by the dentists Mr. Kohlert and Mrs. Schossig according to the motto: it is also possible to remove a tooth later, we prefer to preserve and repair it as long as possible. I will highly recommend the practice. 22.11.2013

Date: 02.09.2013

I have had very positive experiences with the neXt to Bellevue dental practice, both professionally and personally. It was not an easy situation when it came to the treatment. I was treated by Dr. Kohlert, Boda and Allamprese one after the other and I was extremely satisfied. This applies to procedures, education and, above all, personal interaction. As mentioned, it was a difficult situation and I felt very well taken care of. In retrospect, there was still a lot to be clarified in terms of "accounting technology" with regard to the health insurance company. Whereby the neXt to Bellevue practice proved to be very helpful and uncomplicated. I would like to mention in particular Mrs Francesca Galati, who, friendly, courteous and reliable, was very committed. Conditions that are no longer often encountered in today's service desert.

Date: 02.07.2013

The whole team (especially reception/telephone) is very friendly. In addition, very flexible and great that appointments are also possible at off-peak times (until 20:45h!). Dr. Boda saved my teeth, although another dentist said that nothing more could be done. For him it seemed to be child's play and I am very impressed by his quick and at the same time cautious approach. The practice is absolutely recommended!

Date: 02.07.2013

Human and (as far as I can judge it) professional top! Highly recommended for people with dental anxiety. Dr. Kohlert himself made a detailed initial examination and discussed my problems and the further procedure in detail. The various specialists (oral surgeon, dentist, dental hygienist) all did an excellent job and are very patient and sensitive. Here I felt (almost) for the first time really taken seriously by dentists - and I have a long history... The administration/practice assistants are also extremely helpful and nice.

Date: 28.06.2013

Regarding dentist, surgeon and also dental hygiene: Professional flawless, competent advice, sensitive and skilful treatment, fair prices. Top.

Date: 13.05.2013

I don't go to anyone else anymore, because I have complete confidence in Dr. Kohlert in any case. For me the most important thing at my dentist, otherwise I would panic "a little". The practice is also very pleasant and the prices are absolutely justified, in Swiss comparison cheap. Everything else has already been described - many thanks for "no toothache and no fear of going to the dentist" !

Date: 25.04.2013

Excellent service and detailed advice. Relatively low prices compared to other dentists. Friendly staff.

Date: 15.03.2013

My dentist is the best for me! The practice is clean and all employees very friendly. The deadlines are usually met very punctually. Dr. Kohlert does not make long speeches. I usually sit down and he'll be ready in record time! One feels in good hands and notices that a professional with long professional experience is at work. VERY RECOMMENDABLE.

Date: 22.02.2013

BIn very satisfied with dentists next to Bellevue. Nowadays one is greeted, treated and said goodbye friendly, although one was 15min late (traffic jam) is no longer self-evident! With the tooth cleaning (Fr.Rama) and the filling (Dr.Boda) I am more than satisfied. I used to hate going to the dentist. meanwhile it is even "pleasant" :) Keep it up.

Date: 06.02.2013

I brought my Portuguese friend (little knowledge of German) to Dr. Kohlert to get a second opinion. Her dentist from Wallisellen "recommended" her an implant (min. CHF 4,300). In - say and write - 35 minutes Dr. Kohlert carried out a professional root treatment (including x-rays), costs: CHF 435,-. Did you know there are about 18,000 Portuguese living in Zurich...?! Thank you for a decent and super professional treatment. G. de Meyer

Date: 01.02.2013

The atmosphere at Next To Bellevue Dentists is fantastic. When I entered this practice, I immediately forgot my dental condition. The furnishings and the atmosphere leave nothing to be desired. I was very kindly received by the staff...(pretty)..staff, and was automatically infected by a good mood. I had never had such a good and precise clarification before, a big compliment to Dr. Attila Boda for his professional expertise and for his dealings with customers. On January 21, 2012 I had to go to Next To Bellevue as an emergency, just after the first treatment the pain immediately subsided. Today I enjoy my first holiday without worries on my wallet!!! Best regards to the ladies :) B.R.

Date: 22.09.2012

Very relaxed and cozy ambience one almost forgets that one is at the dentist! price performance is super.very recommendable for anxiety patients.very well located ... continue so!!!!

Date: 22.09.2012

I am very happy with the practice, have overcome my fear.very recommendable flexible with appointments and optimal price ratio and well located! super!

Date: 10.09.2012

Review from Boris Eggenschwiler

Competent and extremely friendly service at all times!

Date: 06.09.2012

I have been going to this practice for years and I have to say that it is the best dental practice I know and I immediately feel very comfortable and always receive a very friendly welcome. The practice is top equipped with the latest equipment, and even the dentists are really very well trained. I must say, since I've been a patient there, I really enjoy going to the dentist.

Date: 06.09.2012

Super dental practice highly recommended. Very competent dentists and assistants. Technically top trained. Practice very beautifully equipped and very modern. A very friendly atmosphere in the practice, you immediately feel very comfortable and in good hands.

Date: 06.09.2012

I visited the dental practice neXt to Bellevue for a dental cleaning. Immediately I was received very friendly by the staff and accompanied into the waiting room. A big plus point is the tasteful furnishing, which provides a good ambience. I was very satisfied with the competent treatment as well as with the costs for the tooth cleaning (Taxpunktwert 2.90).

Date: 06.08.2012

Dr. Kohlert is really a great dentist. Today I was with him to treat a Karis. The price performance is also good. The same treatment a dentist wanted to do for me where I was for for about 3 times...could not even give me a cost estimate...(to mention this person scared me very much...even said possible root treatment... Dr. Kohlert from Z next to Bellvue didn't mention any of this...REAL a super Zahni, has been to him a few times.

Date: 15.07.2012

On a Thursday evening at 18.45 o'clock a piece of tooth was bitten out, at 19.10 o'clock the practice called, at 20.00 with Dr. Kohlert on the chair, a little less than an hour later after a friendly and (despite drilling) completely painless treatment all well survived. All this as a new patient. For the first time in my 51 years of life, I am enthusiastic about a dentist!

Date: 04.07.2012

Very good, gentle treatment, extremely nice dental assistants (also pretty...:o) ); quiet, "fear-relieving" ambience, very good price-performance ratio; emergency service also on weekends and until 23.00 o'clock in the evening!

Date: 29.06.2012

Very very nice and competent staff. Was with Mr. Kohlert and also in dental hygiene. Can only recommend this practice to everyone

Date: 27.06.2012

Was a long customer with NeXt to, in the beginning the service was really good, but with the time it began that I thought about it and made a change. Appointment made by phone, confirmed twice, said date I stood there, but was not expected. Then again with dental hygiene appointment, explicitly mentioned, but at the end again treated an assistant (could not do all the work). Unfortunately, service and reliability declined over the years.

Date: 27.03.2012

Continuation of the evaluation of Mascha Mosorka: The dental assistant Mrs. Nimoni is to be particularly emphasized, her high social competence and calm hand convinced me of the wisdom tooth operation, before which I would have otherwise avoided ;) A big thank you at this point.

Date: 13.11.2011

Very good painless treatment. I'd love to come back for treatment. Price-performance ratio very good.

Date: 14.04.2011

My two incisors were of unequal size and one additional tooth was darker than the others. After the quiet but speedy treatment by Dr. Kohlert everything is now fine. My compliments to DH Mrs Burro for her good work. The three years of bad experience with the DH of my former dentist were the reason for me to change my dental practice. With "Zahnärzte next to Bellevue" I have again found a practice that I can trust. In addition, the price/performance ratio is right.

Date: 03.03.2011

Very satisfied

Date: 19.11.2010

After bad experiences with dentists, connected with many fears I postponed my visit for many years. In September I could not avoid a visit to the dentist any more. Through "s Internet I came across this practice, got quickly an appointment with Dr.Kohlert and was greeted very friendly. I can only recommend Dr. Kohlert !!the extensive treatment was, as far as you can tell, pleasant, painless and professional.the treatment was quick, in a friendly atmosphere and beautiful practice.i found my dentist, whom i trust, without fear and am very happy with the result. Great work at a fair price by Dr. Kohlert !

Date: 29.04.2010

About 2 years ago I had implants inserted by Dr. Kohlert and I am still very satisfied with them today. No problems at all, despite initial fears on my part, because my former dentist had always advised against it. Due to this very positive experience, I recently had Veeners done on my front teeth, and I am also very satisfied with that. The price/performance ratio is very positive and I can only recommend Next to Bellevue to others. Andreas. J

Date: 03.10.2009

I am 72 years old and Dr. Kohlert is one of the best dentists who has ever treated me. We come from Canada and have been living in Switzerland for three years. We have been told many horror stories about dental treatment and the enormous costs involved. I have also read such reports about it (I am an observer subscriber.) We have also intended dental treatment in Hungary. In my experience with Dr. Kohlert we are relieved that such a trip to Hungary is out of the question.

Date: 27.09.2009

Implantology: In June 09 two implants were inserted, I can now say that I am very satisfied and feel no pain or a foreign body feeling. I was able to experience a painless and competent support from Dr. Arjoun and his team.

Date: 14.03.2009

Had been aching from cold fluids for a week and hadn't been to the dentist for a while. Had an appointment with Dr. Kohlert within a day. Not only is the practice state-of-the-art and equipped with the appropriate equipment, but Dr. Kohlert's friendly and professional manner has also confirmed my new dentist. I have never experienced that X-rays, holes could be mended so quickly and further advice could be given. Normally this was always associated with a lot of pain and several appointments. Here I had solved my problem in one hour and showed a very good way to prevent periodontosis. I can only recommend it to everyone!

Date: 25.02.2009

Very good, good discussion of the findings and the possible approach. Even at very short notice. Price very reasonable. Thank you so much. Armi8n Fishermen

Date: 14.01.2009

whiteness tooth extraction Today two wisdom teeth were removed by Dr. Sginca, I must say I am thrilled. I was allowed to enjoy the consultation painlessly and briefly. Anyway, I found the future dentist. Sevda Savran

Date: 13.01.2009

Best dentist I ever had! No one can do better than Dr.Kohlert! I can recommend it for anxiety patients!

Date: 15.12.2008

absolutely friendly, courteous, cordial and also short-term appointments possible - simply senstationel in today's hectic time to go to such an oasis and be able to treat yourself. thanks for the valuable and perfect work.

Date: 04.12.2008

I have to say because I am a fearpaciente and I did not even know that I was allowed to experience in the after that the ambience is beautiful and the staff very lovingly with me umgiengengen. I quickly got an appointment and was able to get another appointment within the week to get my whiteness tooth that had become inflamed. About the accommodating prices and advise Zhalen up to 4Raten interest-free I also found super... I'd like to thank the team that you showed me that you don't have to be afraid of the dentist. Best regards to all of you Your patient, Mrs. Rexha.

Date: 31.10.2008

super dental practice, nice girls competent advice and dentists who have it fully under control. 10 min. for 2 wisdom teeth without pain!! I think super! I recommend this practice to everyone. greeting zaza

Date: 22.08.2008

The consultation as well as the treatment are professional and humanly very competent. I found my dentist... I have already recommended Dr. Kohlert several times in my private environment and I have heard only positive feedback!!

Date: 14.01.2008

As an extremely anxious person regarding dentistry, I postponed my visit to the dentist for years. When it became necessary, I found the practice neXt to Bellevue via the internet and made an appointment with Dr. Kohlert. I can only recommend Dr. Kohlert! The practice is very nice and makes you forget to be at a dentist. And the treatment was very pleasant, absolutely painless and professional. I am very happy to have found a dentist who I am not afraid of anymore and whom I can trust completely. I gladly accept the longer journey for me. To all of you who panic at the dentist: Dr. Kohlert will take away your fear, as well as mine, and you can leave the practice with a smile!

Date: 13.01.2008

I came to Mr Kohlert about a year ago for emergency treatment. His competent advice and trustworthy charisma made me feel well looked after right from the start. In the meantime I have been to Mr. Kohlert several times and can recommend him 100%. The luxurious interior on the homepage and the prominent location of the practice initially made me expect corresponding treatment prices, which fortunately has not been confirmed.

Date: 10.10.2007

I am it again I wanted to thank Dr.H.Kohlert and his friendly and competent team very much and I am now looking forward to the dentist appointment. I can recommend Mr.Dr.Kohlert only desperately and the teeth will shine again in full shine :-)))))) A very warm THANK YOU Raphael Haslinger

Date: 10.10.2007

I had after my illness sher many problems with my teeth and I ran to dentist to dentist and was more and more afraid at all to look again and go to the dentist as it became more and more painful and I saw no way out. My teeth rotted and broke and I despaired. Of course there were dozens of bills and the problem was not solved, so I came to the homepage of Dr. Kohlert Zahnärzte next to Bellevue and she had contacted me. Through the super nice telephone conversation with Dr. Kohlert I made an appointment (anxious patient) and I must say I am toootttalll happy. Dr. Kohlert has great work at a fair price in a short time my smile back to me. Especially in my profession travel industry you need the smile.

Date: 09.10.2007

I'm one of those people who doesn't like going to the dentist at all. I have always delayed my visits or have not gone at all! But since I know Dr. Helfried Kohlert this is over ! I already knew him in the Stuttgart practice and although I now live in Augsburg and he moved to Zurich with his practice, I like coming to the dentist - to Dr. Kohlert in Zurich! With him I have the feeling he knows what he's doing! I have no pain during the treatment and after the treatment I am happy to have been here properly, because now my teeth are well again. If you want to be in good hands, then go to Dr. Kohlert in Zurich. Your teeth will thank you !

Date: 06.05.2007

Dr. Kohlert is a very pleasant person and a very patient-oriented dentist. He takes time for explanations (new treatment methods are shown, new techniques are explained) and together with the patient he determines the best alternative. His decisions are made for the benefit of the patient and are by no means monetary! The furnishings of the practice are more reminiscent of a modern lounge inviting you to relax than of a conventional dental practice. Thanks again for the excellent treatment and good luck! A. flicker

Date: 03.05.2007

Dr. Kohlert does very good, efficient work. Thank you very much.

Date: 26.04.2007

Dr. Kohlert saved me a tooth that I no longer expected. I had already resigned myself to an implant. Dr. Kohlert then gave me customer-friendly and absolutely not profit-oriented advice. His offer was sensational and his bill was not a cent more expensive. After years, I still enjoy the regained tooth today. On this way a heartfelt thank you.

Date: 11.04.2007

The dental hygiene at this dentist was very good and the ambience is very pleasant. I contacted the practice because I was looking for a new dentist in Zurich and already knew from my last visit to a dentist that I had an invisible hole. Now they told me at NextTo that there was no hole and what he should do as a dentist... um, yeah. Maybe he could have x-rayed or asked for those pictures. Unfortunately, this attitude did not convey much confidence to me and was unfortunately somewhat unprofessional in my eyes.

Date: 09.04.2007

I have experienced at least 7 different dentists so far. I have been with Dr. Kohlert for about 15 years and have found in comparison that it is even worthwhile for me to travel from Stuttgart to Zurich for dental treatment. Mr. Kohlert is excellent in both human and factual/technical respects. To be particularly emphasized: He takes measures to preserve his own tooth substance (not to maximize profit)! Cosmetically his work is excellent! And he takes the necessary time. There are dentists, they are born to the dentist....

Date: 03.04.2007

Dr. Kohlert carried out all the work very carefully, precisely and "lovingly". Since his visit I am absolutely painless and very satisfied with my work. He was the first dentist ever to explain the correct cleaning technique to me as a new customer and answered all my questions competently and very friendly even at 7 pm. Also his DH was very affectionate, friendly and benevolent with me and my bitches. I can highly recommend both of them and even look forward to my next visit to the dentist.

Date: 28.03.2007

I have already had the second DH treatment performed: painless and absolutely competent care by a DH specialist. Big compliment! Unbeatable price-performance ratio: Fr. 100.-- Again, no question! Bruna Bührer, Zurich medical cosmetologist

Date: 28.03.2007

I have already had the second DH treatment performed: painless and absolutely competent care by a DH specialist. Big compliment! Unbeatable price-performance ratio: Fr. 100.-- Again, no question! Bruna Bührer, Zurich medical cosmetologist

Date: 23.03.2007

very good

Date: 13.03.2007

The Nextto team really convinced me, very friendly and competent. Dr. Kohlert treats his patients very professionally and accurately. My ceramic crowns sit great and look great. Thank you very much, sir.

Date: 13.03.2007

The Nextto team really convinced me, very friendly and competent. Dr. Kohlert treats his patients very professionally and accurately. My ceramic crowns sit great and look great. Thank you very much, sir.

Date: 08.03.2007

I can always recommend a visit to the practice of Dr. Kohlert ! Dr. Kohlert was able to solve an aesthetic dental problem that I had had for years quickly and competently - to my complete satisfaction! (And as a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery I have high aesthetic demands !) Also the treatment by the DH was very friendly and pleasant - I would always have a bleaching done. The modern and noble ambience as well as the courteous service is another reason to visit the practice "nextto Bellevue" in case of questions or problems. Dr. J. Otte (

Date: 08.03.2007

I can always recommend a visit to the practice of Dr. Kohlert ! Dr. Kohlert was able to solve an aesthetic dental problem that I had had for years quickly and competently - to my complete satisfaction! (And as a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery I have high aesthetic demands !) Also the treatment by the DH was very friendly and pleasant - I would always have a bleaching done. The modern and noble ambience as well as the courteous service is another reason to visit the practice "nextto Bellevue" in case of questions or problems. Dr. J. Otte (

Date: 26.02.2007

Very good care, I felt well seeehhhhhhrrr.thanks for the moral support

Date: 23.02.2007

Really pleasant, also the waiting room cool! Only the massage is missing :P

Date: 23.02.2007

Really pleasant, also the waiting room cool! Only the massage is missing :P

Date: 14.11.2006

Mr. Kohlert took a lot of time and explained everything in detail. I was always very afraid of the dentist but after this visit it was done! The practice is very nice and you feel comfortable and in good hands.

Date: 24.10.2006

Very pleasant atmosphere and the bleaching of the teeth carried out by Dr. Kohlert showed astonishing success. All around satisfied and happy for further dental treatments again patient!

Date: 16.09.2006

I haven't been to the dentist since my school days, the fear was always greater than the pain I had in part. Now in May I was with Dr. Kohlert for the first time and he completely took away my fear in one session, so that I had the wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Voges even without much fear. Also the assistants are very nice and courteous. I would recommend the practice at any time and will continue to be treated by Dr. Kohlert and Dr. Voges. Greetings from Nicole Oppliger

Date: 26.08.2006

Thank you, Mrs. and Mr. Kohlert, you have taken away my dental trauma! They pulled out my wisdom teeth really painlessly. You also explained to me very clearly how and why you do what. Your assistants also served me courteously. The dentist's office reminded me of the lobby of a five-star hotel. I will recommend your practice. Best regards Manuela Imoberdorf

Date: 19.08.2006

I am only recently in treatment of practice Zähnarzte Next to Bellevue by Mr. Dr. Kohlert and Dr. Voges I had to have a whiteness tooth pulled that was absolutely painless and also the whole treatment was very pleasant in a very stylish ambience where only feel good. The doctors and assistants are very nice and I can only recommend it to everyone to visit this practice. I have already drawn the attention of a colleague to this. Zoi Tziambazidis

Date: 19.08.2006

Dr. Kohlert Dr. Kohlert I would like to thank you a little late, but not less cordially, for the excellent work on my bitches. Now not only the medical problems are solved, but I am also happy that I can laugh again really heartily and without inhibitions. And the treatments were without any stress or pain for me, thanks to you and your excellent team, whom I would also like to thank. Peter Graf wishes you beautiful summer days

Date: 28.06.2006

Very friendly and good work!!

Date: 31.03.2006

The teeth cleaning is done very professionally, with ultrasound. Very satisfactory. The dentist works fast and performance-oriented and well. I was very satisfied with the result. He replaced two amalgam blombs.

Date: 05.12.2005

Through this website I am I'm on neXT to Bellevue. I've become aware of you. With the veneer technique almost my entire set of teeth was restored. I feel right at home. as a new human being. The work was outstanding made. The settlement was 100% correct and the price/performance ratio optimal. If all the work in the \"cheap country\" Germany (German) would have been made, I would have deeper into the wallet have to last! I can't get this dentist's office warmly recommend it to others. I have already placed the first customer: It's my wife!

Date: 25.11.2005

Dr. Kohlert and the dental lab did a great job. With the latest veneer technique (which are exactly worked glass ceramic shells) my ugly lower row of teeth could be veneered in only 2 visits fantastic. A completely new feeling of aesthetics, absolutely natural and immediately fully resilient. But not only the fabulous technical execution impressed me very much but also the fair accounting. Due to the surprisingly low taxpoint value of only 3.3! compared to other practices in Zurich and the precisely broken down services without hidden additional costs, there was an unrivalled price-performance ratio. By requesting comparative offers, I can insure my best conscience and recommend the "Nextto Bellevue" team to others. It is nice to know a good dentist address with a friendly team and a very inviting practice. Many thanks from a very satisfied patient and Merry Christmas!

Date: 02.11.2005

Among other things, I had to remove the wire behind the upper teeth (you usually get it after a brace). Unfortunately it has to pass again, because not all the glue was sanded off (gap between two teeth is not glued yet), as well as glue on some teeth is still present. It is a pity that this was not checked by the dentist after the treatment. Otherwise, however, competent and beautiful practice.

Date: 31.10.2005

The practice is very beautiful and stylishly furnished. The treatment was pleasant and the dentist competent. I've learned a lot of new things.

Date: 18.10.2005

I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled! Thanks to the latest technology and a wealth of medical experience, almost painless! Super care. Really very comfortable and recommendable. Thank you so much. 21.09.2005 Claudio Bührer, Zurich

Date: 29.09.2005

I had an unsightly gap between my crowned incisors. Now I have two new great crowns and the gap is gone. They advised me very friendly, I immediately felt very comfortable, the modern computer syringe didn't hurt at all (my biggest concern) and everything went surprisingly fast. The way Dr. Kohlert worked convinced me right from the start: a master of his trade. Do you want me to tell you something? I suddenly like to go to the dentist without fear - even if he \"drills\"!

Date: 28.09.2005

I'm completely satisfied. The care was pleasantly friendly, competent and efficient; i.e. not that I was dispatched, on the contrary, time did not seem to matter. The two repair suggestions (minimum/maximum variant) were explained to me value neutrally, no hidden influence direction expensive variant. The practice is bright, tastefully furnished and technically up to date. I can only recommend Dr. Kohlert and his team!

Date: 27.09.2005

Very praiseworthy! The highest commandment is tooth preservation! Optimal prophylaxis through conscientious DH. Anytime again. Incredible possibilities in dental aesthetics thanks to the latest Veneers technique. Very well maintained practice rooms - 6 points, no question. B. Bührer, Zurich

Date: 30.08.2005

Excellent medical care. Very fair price-performance ratio. Soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the inviting, wellness like practice rooms. Competent and courteous practice staff. Optimum parking situation directly at the theatre. Absolute satisfaction, highly recommendable. Many thanks says: Knut Paul Heckel -Zürich