Benjamin Domdey reviews and experiences

Date: 28.07.2010

Top practice! Pleasant atmosphere; especially impressive is the beautiful aquarium. Very nice assistants. Mr. Domdey is very friendly, calm, sensitive and competent. His way of dealing with children is great; my children feel comfortable with him. Short waiting times! You never get the feeling Mr. Domdey's under time pressure. This practice can only be recommended. A big thank you to Mr. Domdey and his assistants, so that you feel comfortable during a visit to the dentist.

Date: 15.07.2010

You have a very appealing homepage. Happy birthday! Greetings to you and your team. Gabriele Domdey

Date: 15.07.2010

I congratulate you not only on your excellent internet presence but also on the extremely informative and appealing content! Yours sincerely from Oberhausen, Germany Arvid Domdey

Date: 21.06.2010

Mr. Domdey is a very open and communicative person very nice am super satisfied with him can only recommend him! Best regards, Mumi.

Date: 09.07.2006

B.Domdey is very competent, you can only recommend him, because he is very good with anxiety patients :-) love greetings and much more success.mfg S.Bösch