implakom Bern reviews and experiences

Date: 30.01.2013

I write my positive feedback for two reasons. Firstly as a thank you for IMPLAKOM Dr. Ingold and team, secondly as help for people looking for dental services on this website. When I put my offers first of 31000.- then at dentist with the lowest CH tariff level 22000.- on this page and within 3 days received various counter offers of 6500.- - 12000.- came with me the big uncertainty is serious, can that come well? I found no feedback on the Internet neither positive nor negative! So I dared nevertheless to go to IMPLAKO, the medium price offer, for a first examination. I gained confidence and my relatively complicated tooth restoration took its course - jaw bone reconstruction, extractions, implants everything went perfectly with sessions over about a year and according to the most modern diagnostic and treatment methods. The contact was good, the complete waiting time before the 5 sessions was less than 15 minutes, the package price remained exactly as agreed. I can therefore recommend IMPLAKOM 100%. I'm really wondering (where we're going to vote soon because of rip-offs) how that can be, even IMPLAKOM doesn't just do this out of charity and lives on it and the others with more than 3 times the tariffs? Stefan Seiler

Date: 01.06.2012