ST. ALBANTOR - ZAHNARZT reviews and experiences

Date: 05.04.2017

In the past I unfortunately had no satisfactory dental treatment. When I had repeated complaints with a treated tooth, I searched the web for a new dentist who would satisfy me. The evaluation on this homepage, the homepage of the St. Albantor dentist himself and the location of the practice have led me to place my trust in this practice. Since I have been doing my treatments there I am more than satisfied. The work that Dr. Nikas and his team did for me is exemplary and, in my opinion, of the highest standard. After each treatment the results were always small masterpieces which made me happy and showed me that I had found the right dentist for me.

Date: 11.08.2015

After some less pleasant to really bad experiences and much too long dentist abstinence we are enthusiastic: competent, well-founded, transparent, modern, funny and great for children (although they behaved impossible). The whole family will go to him&we will recommend him to others...

Date: 16.06.2015

Detailed advice... professional treatment... perfect result!

Date: 16.06.2015

Super consultation, great treatment result, very recommendable!

Date: 16.09.2014

Mr. Nikas is a really good dentist and his calm circumspect nature convinces. He has carried out a complete renovation and I am very happy with it. I can only recommend him and I've already done so.

Date: 28.01.2014

Thanks, had a great experience:) Very professional. A+++

Date: 19.12.2013

Very great dentist. Take a lot of time for the individual patient and respond to their wishes. Great! Great address to recommend.

Date: 14.11.2013

Strong gag reflexes, sensitive tooth necks and painful experiences are not exactly the ideal conditions for a pleasant visit to the dentist. Fortunately I found a dentist in Dr. Nikas who managed to take away my fear of the treatment with the necessary patience and a steady hand. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your experienced competence in the complicated refurbishment and for the excellent result.

Date: 18.10.2013

Good. Friendly and competent advice. The wizard needs even more routine

Date: 03.06.2013

I cannot express enough praise for Dr Nikas and his practice. I needed several implants and my teeth were not only whitened but also corrected with Bright Veneers. Now (at 60) I get compliments again and again for my beautiful, natural looking teeth and I am eternally grateful to Mr. Nikas for it. Very professional, and extremely sympathetic and friendly. You feel comfortable in his practice and I can only warmly recommend him.

Date: 08.10.2012

The competent consultation as well as a painless and rapid treatment with an excellent result convinced me. Price-performance absolutely justified. I can only recommend it!

Date: 11.08.2010

I can recommend this dentist to others. I myself went to this practice on recommendation and was very satisfied with the result. I needed 3 crowns (on root-treated teeth) and wanted to try a bleaching. The crowns are inside, they look great and you can't tell the difference to my real teeth. I am also very satisfied with the bleaching result, the teeth are beautiful white again, very natural and not too extremely whitened. I thought the price was fair and I can say that the result is worth its money. Come back gladly, Greetings Sandrine Burri, Basel

Date: 13.03.2010

Dr. Nikas works with the utmost care and takes a lot of time for his patients. I used to be very afraid of going to the dentist, since I have been treated by Dr. Nikas this fear is no longer there! I have undergone a major implant treatment with bone augmentation and was already pain-free one day after the operation. Good price/performance ratio. I can highly recommend Mr. Nikas and his practice team.

Date: 23.02.2010

Very good and individual advice, transparent cost estimates. As a patient I feel taken very seriously and possible fears do not even arise through the attentive treatment. Dr. Nikas really has his finger on the pulse of the times and can always give you information about the latest treatment options. Feel more than well taken care of in this practice.

Date: 25.03.2009

Very good technical comprehensive consultation understandable also for laymen, takes itself time. Also with the treatments (among other things bridge) I was very content, no problems, everything makes a very professional impression. Dr. Nikas convinces me. Cost estimate was kept to 100%, fee absolutely competitive. Very good price/performance ratio. Also always available at short notice, I can recommend without reservation.

Date: 02.10.2007

A very professional dentist who listens, responds to concerns and finds forward-thinking solutions. He honestly and openly explains which treatment makes sense and explains the next steps. You automatically feel that you are in very good hands with him. The team is also very sympathetic and well informed about the state of affairs. One is received friendly and comes without waiting times immediately to the turn. What I also appreciate very much is that you can also contact Dr. Niklas by e-mail and receive a prompt reply or be called back by the practice team. I had already been to several dentists and none had left me such a good impression as the St. Albantor practice. As a student, I was also looking for an inexpensive solution and was even considering having the treatment done abroad, so I was distracted when, to my delight, I found an alternative solution/cost estimate in my mailbox, which was far below what other doctors had estimated for me. In addition, Dr. Niklas assures the guarantee (2 years) for his work, which I find very serious and did not find with other doctors. I can highly recommend him!

Date: 11.07.2006

Larger work with one implant, replacement of all porcelain crowns and bridges (entire maxilla). In-depth, careful consultation with many explanations, followed by excellent, rapid and gentle treatment using the latest technology. Well-rehearsed and very friendly team, which conveys the feeling of security, attention and the greatest care. Transparent disclosure of the costs and good adherence to the cost estimate, fair prices. I can only recommend it!

Response from ST. ALBANTOR - ZAHNARZT:
Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung, liebe Grüsse Team St. Albantor-Zahnarzt.