Richard Payer reviews and experiences

Date: 24.02.2020

Absolutely super.very competent,friendly,responds to patients and can deal well with anxiety patients.whole practice team very nice and also very and team have nice contact with each other and atmosphere is therefore pleasant

Date: 29.10.2012

Review from Monika Popp

My absolute favorite! I am a patient with anxiety and have always postponed my visit to the dentist. Then came the shame of bad teeth and fear, a vicious circle. But Dr. Payer took away my fear very quickly, without any stupid or deliberately funny remarks. He takes me seriously and explains everything so that the fear disappears all by itself. Also the whole practice team is great. I can only recommend to every anxiety patient to face the whole thing with such an understanding doctor as Dr. Payer.

Date: 26.08.2009

Since my childhood I have been suffering from a syringe phobia, and my sense of pain is also rated relatively high. In the worst case, the treatment could lead to circulatory collapse, which was extremely embarrassing and unpleasant for me. With all my experiences, which I have made up to now with various dentists, is the best. R.Payer highly recommended. He is very calming and patient in all his ways. His work corresponds to my full satisfaction in terms of quality as well as understanding of patients. My recurring fear of treatment, i.e. injecting, pulling teeth, drilling a hole in the jaw for the dental implant, etc., was ultimately completely unfounded to my astonishment. For me it is very important to have confidence to a competent physician, for this I give the best mark 6. Once again many thanks..............