Stanislav Bozic reviews and experiences

Date: 05.04.2017

The best tooth cleaning I've ever had, absolutely painless! A great dentist, highly recommended.

Date: 15.02.2014

As a highly sensitive patient I started a rather lavish program ! Starting with pulling teeth, then cleaning a bridge and several root treatments I can only recommend this dentist! Always calm, always punctual as well as always impeccable explanations and solutions! Perfect! Perfect!

Date: 25.09.2011

I came to this dentist by recommendation and am completely satisfied. Friendly, hygienic, competent and a very good price-performance ratio. I can only recommend him.

Date: 25.11.2008

His work is A1 quality. I can only recommend it. He takes time for his work and makes the best fillings you can ever get. Tima

Date: 18.02.2008

Top quality. Price-performance OK. Dentist to recommend.