Kiefer-Gesichtschirurgie Baden/ reviews and experiences

Date: 25.02.2016

The surgical procedure including general anesthesia as well as the follow-up treatment were of a very high quality and testify to the great experience of Dr. Dr. Th. Bottler. Especially to mention are also his assistants, who have always been very friendly and courteous in caring for the patient. This practice (and I have already completed many dental treatments in various practices) is in any case excellent and highly recommended.

Date: 14.11.2015

Treatment 6 Reconnaissance 6 Relationship of trust 6 Time taken 6 Friendliness 6 Price 6

Date: 17.09.2012

With Dr.Dr. T.Bottler I experienced an extraordinarily competent and friendly treatment. It was precisely this that made it very easy for me to gain trust, which also largely dispelled my longstanding 'dentist's fear'. I'm very grateful for that! Therefore I can only recommend Dr.Dr. T.Bottler and his team!

Date: 24.09.2011

On the occasion of a more complicated dental treatment I experienced Dr. Dr. T. Bottler (specialist for oral surgery and facial surgery) as very competent, sensitive and friendly. He also knows how to anaesthetize very well so that treatment can be painless. During the whole treatment he always advised and informed me in an exemplary manner. His practice is modern and friendly furnished. I can only recommend him.

Date: 08.09.2011

I've always felt in the best of hands!!