Armin Jaeger reviews and experiences

Date: 02.10.2019

Review from Milan Halmo

Mr. Jeger is a relatively young dentist, probably with good technical knowledge. He completely relies on the technical aids available to him, the opinion of the patient is not so important to him. Even if the patient says he is not so satisfied with the work done, he uses technical means to prove the other. The opinion of the patients is actually not so important to him even if the patient is not satisfied. If the patient demands a follow-up check, he is proved once again that he is not right - he is always right. I mean the doctor is there for the patients and not just to generate his good sales: (for 5 minutes check Fr. 54.-) I would certainly avoid such dentists in the future.

Date: 18.01.2019

Good service and quality. Going there again confidently today...