Frédéric Born reviews and experiences

Date: 21.02.2020

Very good dentist who did an excellent job, meeting my expectations very well. I am very satisfied, as is my sister, whose dentist he is also, with his work and his follow-up. His advice is pertinent and has notably helped me to improve my dental hygiene in the medium/long term. The prices are correct.

Date: 23.09.2019

I had to put a star to write the wash, but it's not even worth one. Because of this man I wouldn't even call a dentist, I lost a tooth, had to have teeth fixed again and came out of it even more phobic from the dentist than ever. I cried for an hour in his chair during a treatment without him stopping for a second, without him knowing what was going on, without taking the time to be human. And this before rushing me because the pain in the tooth he was "healing" was too intense and I allowed myself to tell him. He literally reprimanded me. Then just reluctantly added a danesthesia dose. Today I am back at a dentist to treat the same tooth. And it took her an hour to get everything back to normal, with kindness, sensitivity and respect. But mentally I am very tense because I am reliving the moment at Mr. Born's house in my head, I am completely traumatized. I wouldn't recommend it. He is inhuman and technically speaking, he does his job badly.

Date: 29.09.2018

Good job! The bill is very high, but you can't control it. Nice doctor but very cold and only objective, not very human, impersonal, ! I'd like to go back to him because he's doing a great job but after a Tel discussion I'm frustrated and I don't think I feel able to go there anymore.