Dr. Bärenklau AG reviews and experiences

Date: 20.02.2019

Review from René Rohr

In the practice of Dr.Bärenklau I feel well looked after and treated at all times. Clear text during the treatment. And peace and serenity during the treatment. Friendly interaction with the staff also convinces me very much! Thank you so much for that!!!

Date: 26.09.2017

Review from Roland Grossenbacher

If you don't take care of your teeth in time, you will inevitably have problems. That's what happened to me and I had very big problems. Now I am for many years with Beatrix and Uwe Bärenklau in treatment and I am enthusiastic about their kind and their ability! Now it was my upper jaw's turn and 4 implants had to be inserted in a 2 hour operation. The surgery went very well, and even after the syringes had subsided, I had absolutely no more pain, nothing was swollen and in the night I could sleep tip top. The entire Praxis team is also very friendly and courteous. I can only recommend this practice! Tschiibii Grossenbacher, Lower Bavaria

Date: 11.10.2015

In 2008 we looked for a dental practice for the family for all treatment and control measures and found the practice Bärenklau in the neighbourhood. We have not regretted the decision until today. We receive excellent care in all areas - prevention, treatment, prosthetics. The entire practice staff, I really can't emphasize or reset any of them here, works professionally and routinely. The consultation is competent and neutral. For special consultations and treatments one is passed on to competent and professionally working specialized practices. The preparation and follow-up of external treatments and measures is super. The invoices are clear, external services are presented openly and invoiced. The invoice will be issued as soon as possible after the end of the treatment. Good information about the costs for special services does not lead to "unpleasant" surprises. I would particularly like to mention the perfect scheduling and organization -- our timer for preventive and dental treatment is in the practice. Waiting times are minimal, since postponements, even at short notice, are reported immediately and can be coordinated. This applies to both directions. We can only recommend the practice Bärenklau.

Date: 15.09.2015

I've had a very big dental phobia for years. Unfortunately the visit to the dentist has been an almost monthly companion in my life until now. Nevertheless, Dr. Bärenklau managed to completely eliminate all my dental problems. Through your professional, patient and empathetic work I can now laugh heartily again. I would like to thank Dr. Bärenklau and the whole team for their care, understanding and great result. Best regards Annabelle

Date: 03.09.2015

modern, spacious practice rooms (with a view), friendly and attentive staff, professional yet personal consultation situation

Date: 25.08.2015

I appreciate the professional and human competence of Bea and Uwe Bärenklau very much:-). They brilliantly implement the interference field elimination method. This is an efficient support in the holistic preservation of health. U. tuber

Date: 30.04.2013

Can I recommend a dentist, my wife, my best friends, YES I can do that without effort! After a great treatment of Mrs. and Mr. Bärenklau I can be seen in the mirror again, I can also be seen in the public! I owe all this to the competent, friendly treatment and care. Thank you very much, sir. Kind regards HU.Schweiss Flawil.

Date: 05.03.2013

I'm very afraid of the dentist. Mr. Bärenklau was able to take this fear away from me and so this was the first very good experience with a dentist. Very recommendable!

Date: 15.02.2013

Review from Christian Dobler

The dental practice Bärenklau in Gossau SG is absolutely recommendable. I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed there. That's why I was pretty scared of the procedure. However, the pleasant and calming atmosphere in the practice no longer gave reason to be afraid. One is received very friendly and feels immediately well. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Bärenklau shine with outstanding empathy and technical expertise. As my previous evaluator has already said, the competencies go far beyond dentistry. Also the uncomplicated handling of the appointments is second to none. I can warmly recommend this practice to everyone and would no longer change voluntarily. Many thanks to the whole practice team.

Date: 30.08.2012

Wanted? Needle in a haystack. Today's life means being available day and night, e.g. being able to control all the functions of a smartphone. But most of us know frighteningly little about our own health! We are educated in this way and are used to delegating all concerns and business to specialists and often trust blindly because we do not want to deal with the upcoming problems! We have no idea how central and important our jaw apparatus with intact teeth can be to our overall health and well-being. Visibly beautiful and healthy teeth can also have interfering fields in the jawbone. Classical examinations and X-rays may bring herds to light, but interference fields most likely remain hidden. The needle in the haystack. search, find and debug, is an acquired achievement of the dentist couple Dr. Bärenklau. Bärenklaus treat their patients with great dedication and care! The method is called Dental Reflex, which has been further developed with many years of experience of the practitioners. (see Google: What is DentalReflex) In teamwork, the patient is tracked down by palpating the feet (toes), possible imperfections and is disturbed by means of the smallest possible punctual drilling of the zones on the jaw. This method can be used to cure a wide variety of complaints and illnesses, e.g. back pain, joint pain, impaired vision, prostate problems, etc. Years ago, I suffered from spinning vertigo. At that time I had to undergo an extremely comprehensive restoration of my teeth to remove amalgam, not bear lice, which I did not know at that time. This solved the problem of dizziness and I was also able to enjoy the metal-free reconstruction of my new teeth! The appearance was beautiful and intact, before were practically all teeth with black shimmering amalgam zugepflastert . For me, it is unthinkable that despite the restoration, undiscovered imperfections would lead to further health problems, which I would never have associated with my new dental health. The topic of interference fields and possible resulting complaints were unknown to me until recently. Also the bear louse are unique! Who in Switzerland still uses this method? I live in Kt. Aargau and like to come with my family to Gossau for treatment! Today I can live free of complaints and medication! A big thank you to Mrs. and Dr. Bärenklau. If you suffer from any complaints and are looking for a needle in a haystack, I can highly recommend you to visit the practice of Mrs. and Dr. Bärenklau! PS Also, finding a suitable dentist is like finding the needle in the haystack. ,

Date: 11.06.2012

A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Bärenklau! I suffered from a chronic shingles, which could only be endured with strong medication, for over 1 year. Thanks to the DentalReflex method, which I used, I was able to stop taking the pills and am now painless! I can only recommend this method and above all the pleasant, considerate manner in this practice.

Date: 04.05.2012

Review from Carl Rosenast

The initial scepticism that "drilling instructions" could be made via reflex zones at the foot had quickly given way. The healing effect convinced me that the medical team knows what they are talking about. Good communication with the patient, competent advice and a great team - I can almost look forward to my next visit!

Date: 25.04.2012

The dental practice Dr. Bärenklau at Herisauerstrasse 75 in 9200 Gossau offers a large professional and human competence which goes far beyond that of dentistry. I am happy to recommend this address to patients and potential patients at any time without hesitation. Dominik Lämmler Managing Director MPC ESS (Europe) GmbH http://www.mpcglobal.com Gossauerstrasse 18 c 9100 Herisau

Date: 31.08.2010

Very friendly and above all very competent. Very good detailed information about the treatment. A top dentist and practice team in a very pleasant and calming atmosphere. I'm thrilled through and through and can only warmly temple further

Date: 01.06.2010

Dr. Bärenklau treats our whole family. Especially our son (9 years old) was quite afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Bärenklau was able to treat him very well due to her empathetic nature and was even able to drill the last two holes without (!) anaesthetic. We are extremely satisfied with this dentist. She works conscientiously and very accurately.

Date: 02.12.2009

I feel at home in the Bärenklau practice and recommended my husband to change his dentist and two of them are now in absolute agreement that we never want to go to another dentist again. With patience and a high level of expertise, the two of them go to work and so I just keep saying like that. Best thanks to the Menden family

Date: 21.10.2009

As a real "scaredy-cat" I had to go to a dentist a few years ago in an emergency. In Mr. and Mrs. Bärenklau I found a top duo who took away my fear and treated me absolutely seriously and competently. I feel comfortable in the modern practice overlooking Gossau and the friendliness that the whole team radiates is particularly praiseworthy. Meanwhile my whole family is in treatment here and I can warmly recommend this practice. R. Grossenbacher, Niederbüren