Manuela Linder reviews and experiences

Date: 27.06.2019

My son has some respect (not fear, but respect) for syringes. Our dentist therefore sent the X-ray image to Dr. Manuela Linder. And for the 8 min. discussion about the fact that she would pull two wisdom teeth, we had to pay 145.60 Fr., although she did not keep her appointment and promise afterwards (no examination and never looked him in the mouth). Asked at the arranged appointment whether I could be present at the treatment of my son. Then she played my son's psychiatrist, furiously taught me a lesson, and refused the agreed treatment. I asked her politely again, but she was so angry that we had to leave the Picassoplatz clinic immediately without her appointment. Consequently we had to look for another dentist. Which in the meantime has turned out to be very positive and a big difference. When I think back to this dentist, my stomach goes up, my hair stands up and a cold shiver runs down my back. Will never go there again. Not trustworthy. Malignant when the mask falls. She had not kept her agreement according to your agreement and despite her promise. I'd never seen a doctor so freaked out and out of control before. I had never experienced such an incident at a dentist before. I don't know Dr. Manuela Linder any further (except these eight minutes and my question), have done nothing to her, but I can't recommend this doctor. Boy! Were we wrong to see Dr. Manuela Linder. She didnt play. Not only that . On the appointed day, she turned into a psychiatrist and refused to treat my son. He isnt afraid of shots but he respects injections. So our dentist sent her the X-ray. For 8 min. of her talking (without examination) that she would pull two of his wisdom teeth, we had to pay 145.60 even though she refused treatment on the appointed day. I asked her whether I can sit in during the operation, she got so furious. Then she turned into a psychiatrist, refused to treat my son and yelled at me. She got angry! I cant say that she was just rude or impolite. Nope! Vicious is more of the word, threatened us in her Swiss gibberish (and Im native to both languages). We had to leave Praxisklinik Picassoplatz or else. Needless to say that Ive never come across any doctor, even less a dentist that behaved like this. I guess there is a first time for everything. It literally turns my stomach to write about. I dont know Dr. Manuela Linder, except for these eight minutes and my question and havent done anything to her. Well never go back there. You cant trust her, plain and simple. Had to look for another dentist. And what a difference, found a wonderful, gentle dentist, well-spoken in both languages. Suggest you look elsewhere, youll be the judge.

Date: 03.06.2010

Mrs. Dr. med. dent. Linder pulled three wisdom teeth from me. Inexpensive and with a lot of feeling. The pain after the surgery was limited. Can Ms. Linder recommend without restrictions