Dr. Detlef Holzmann reviews and experiences

Date: 18.10.2017

Both I and my child are fully satisfied with Dr. Holzmann's treatments. He takes a lot of time for detailed consultation and explanation. He is very honest and does not promise anything that may not be possible afterwards. His work is very precise and his sense of colour very good. My crown fitted right away and looks great. He has also made all neck fillings so beautiful that they are virtually invisible. My son and I are rather anxious and very sensitive. He is patient, has taken much consideration of it and sprayed super carefully. We had no pain during or after the treatments. The price-performance ratio is very fair. We can warmly recommend Dr. Holzmann.

Date: 18.10.2017

Review from Carola Flaman

I have a very good impression of the practice and the achievements of Dr. Holzmann. The injections were painless, the treatment took place in a calm atmosphere and the explanations were easy to understand. The treatment approach was comprehensible, the individual steps seemed very sensible to me. For me it was an anxiety-free and painless treatment that focused on my needs. I'd love to come back.

Date: 24.08.2017

The dental hygienist comes from Italy and hardly speaks German. But this alone doesn't move me to this bad review. She was nice, tried hard, and did a good job, too. What bothers me is that in front of the DH various photos are taken with an unpleasant metallic stick of the teeth which are then stored in the system. The photos have no advantage for the patient, but cost a lot of money because the creation of these photos takes a lot of time. I had never received such a high bill for a DH + 2 x-rays before. For the further treatment I decided against this dentist, I had the feeling of just wanting my money. There were 3 people in the room who were talking about my teeth in dentist latin. It was an awkward situation for me. I think gaps between the teeth are normal, but he wanted to remove them so that I would have fewer problems in the future. They also wanted to repair a broken tooth even though I clearly told them that I didn't want to do this. The best statement was, tell me your budget and I'll do it until it's exhausted. When I decided against a treatment at this dentist, I waited 6 weeks for my x-rays. I have called 2 times when I can count on the pictures, both times I was assured they would send me the pictures as soon as possible.