Elida Stevanovic reviews and experiences

Date: 29.01.2016

With toothache (I lost my filling) I went to dentist no.1. They just took a lot of x-rays and checked every tooth. Result of the wisdom tooth must come out. The broken tooth wasn't treated. I got an appointment in a few days to pull the wisdom tooth. I was just supposed to take painkillers. I didn't accept that. At the 2nd dentist I got a temporary solution for the rest of the filling and an appointment in a month. Two weeks went well, then it began to fester under and next to the tooth. As an emergency, I came to Dr. Stevanovic on December 31, 15. She acted immediately, trying to save the tooth, but that was no longer possible. That's how the tooth had to be pulled. So not the wisdom tooth. Yesterday I was in treatment for another tooth. She works with knowledge, so very competent, attentive, explains what she does. I'm very comfortable with her. Your employees are also very friendly and attentive. Conclusion: Perfect! That's as good as it gets.