Zahnmedizin am Hirschengraben reviews and experiences

Date: 10.03.2016

Review from Erica Sollberger

Very competent advice, careful and painless treatment.

Date: 30.01.2015

From the list of school dentists we had chosen Mr. Grosso for our son, but then we were referred to Mrs. Francescut at the telephone registration, she was working with the children. We should not forget the note for the proof to the school dentist service, otherwise we would have to pay for the examination ourselves had the assistant also told us. When the examination was finished and we wanted to ask for the stamp on the certificate we were informed that the examination had to be paid for by Mrs. Francescut herself because she was not a school dentist. Mrs. Francescut had also recommended us an x-ray and told us afterwards that this would not be taken over and that we would have to pay for it ourselves. Actually a good investigation with unattractive side effects because we were very badly informed.