Zahn-Oase Schweiz reviews and experiences

Date: 24.07.2020

Review from angie Angie Kirchhofer

I can only advise you to read very carefully before signing anything here. The verbal promises are on paper then again completely different ! I can't judge the professional qualities of the dentist, because I won't sign anything and will look around elsewhere.

Date: 08.02.2020

Review from Peter Ohr

Hello, I am a German master dental technician and implant consultant, I met Dr. Kessler at an advanced training course. Due to the many years of experience of Dr. Kessler, I had an implant placed at 46. I still come from a generation (born in 1965) in which children were frightened when they had to go to the dentist, so even today I am still very tense and anxious when I have to go to the dentist myself. Dr. Kessler is very likeable, down to earth and trustworthy. I am still struggling with my fears, but I was able to engage with him well and found the treatment much more pleasant than I expected. After all, it is an operation and such an operation can (afterwards) always be a little pain, but that will pass, as with any operation. It's naive to equate that with a haircut. With me it was half as bad, it was also good, I travelled a good 900 km from Germany for it and have not regretted it. Many thanks again to the whole team and Dr. Kessler, we will stay in contact. Best regards to Switzerland Peter's ear

Date: 13.10.2019

I was very satisfied with the treatment! Price and performance were more than very fair. I haven't had any pain to this day. I would consult Dr. Bernd Kessler again at any time. Tatjana Roos

Date: 25.03.2017

Not to be recommended. My treatment was to place an implant and although supposedly everything was not a problem, the whole thing became a disaster. I'm still in pain today. I'll never be lured with cheap offers again. Mrs. 2´000.-- for an implant is already very cheap. There is no dentist in Switzerland who offers an implant for a flat rate 2´000.-- Franconia, that will have already a reason. I'm afraid I can't recommend Dr. Kessler to anyone.

Date: 17.02.2017


Date: 26.07.2015

Attention: Offered very cheaply, but does not want to and cannot provide the service. Does not answer phones and does not answer mails until threatened with a change by the dentist. Promises and keeps nothing! Since the service agreed in writing has not been provided, we will sue for damages. VERY DUBIOUS DENTIST. ATTENTION: Completely obsolete technology in use (buys discarded material together).

Response from Zahn-Oase Schweiz:
Es gibt auch unter Patienten scharze Schaafe. Auf diese können wir hier getrost verzichten. Eine Antwort auf solche völlig unqualifizierten Äusserungen erübrigt sich von selbst......

Date: 15.02.2015

Dr. Kessler is a very open and communicative person and a very trustworthy expert. We chose Dr. Kessler because of a favorable fixed price offer: Another dentist diagnosed my wife with a pus tooth which should be pulled, as well as severe periodontitis. At the same time, an implant for this suppurative tooth and a bridge for a neighboring tooth lost years ago should be fabricated. Cost: CHF 4500.00 Dr. Kessler made an all-inclusive offer for an implant incl. crown, and 3D X-ray image Completely for CHF 2000 fixed price, without further costs. At the 1st visit he found out that there was no suppurative tooth at all, as well as only a slight periodontitis. He advised against pulling a healthy tooth. That's what I call top counseling. Thus he saved us the tooth extraction and a lot of unnecessary costs. He then simply replaced the lost neighboring tooth with the implant. Two years have passed since Dr. Kessler inserted the implant without complications. I would recommend Dr. Kessler to anyone at any time. The 1st visit as well as the 3D X-ray were free of charge, the fixed prices are fair and without hidden additional costs. Fortunately, he recognized the misdiagnosis and preserved the healthy tooth. Unnecessary treatments were avoided. It's lucky to have found him. His great customer service is unique! All other dentists could take this as an example!

Response from Zahn-Oase Schweiz:

Date: 31.12.2014

Review from Silvia Dolski

I came to Dr. Kessler with a difficult dental status. From the beginning an I was very well advised, could take all the steps at the pc together with him and my husband was always allowed to be there. Dr. Kessler is a Dentist for patients, he is always ready, even well after 20 o'clock nor there for his patients. I feel very well taken care of. respected. I had mainly the minimally invasive implantation and also which, due to its practice design, has a comparatively low Total costs are convincing. But the most important thing is the human factor. I'm Dr. Kessler and his team (maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Hatzlhoffer) can only work very well with recommend. Friendly greetings S.D. from Wetzikon

Response from Zahn-Oase Schweiz:
Danke, kann man nihts hinzufügen!

Date: 04.12.2014

Since I am with Dr. Kessler in the treatment, the visit to the dentist makes joy for the first time! He masters with his humorous and cheerful manner in minimal time also problem cases and will always find a suitable and cost-effective solution. He has a lot of experience and has a lot of always with its latest dental equipment. Beat M. Bührer

Response from Zahn-Oase Schweiz:
Danke für die Blumen, die jetzt gut blühen....

Date: 15.05.2013

Review from Rahel Bachmann

Super dentist, cheap, uncomplicated, painless.

Response from Zahn-Oase Schweiz:
Vielen Dank für Ihr Vertauen! Sie dürfen jederzeit gerne wiederkommen! Ihr Dr.Bernd Kessler

Date: 09.02.2013

Super nice, competent dentist. I was always afraid of dentists, and the last 3 could not convince me (unfriendly, expensive, or painful). Mr. Kesseler didn't have any of these. Unconditionally, he even treated me painlessly at 8:00 p.m. in the evening. And additionally preserved from many costs. (Predecessors claimed I had tooth decay where there is none). Thank you again. Also mail support after treatment works perfectly.

Response from Zahn-Oase Schweiz:
Ja das hört man gern! Viele Grüsse Ihr Dr.Bernd Kessler