Zahnarztpraxis Rifai&Romanek reviews and experiences

Date: 05.02.2019

Qualification and empathy. Dr. K.C. Romanek is very competent and trustworthy. Explains very well and in detail what he does and why. He takes a lot of time and acts in the interests of the patient and is just as sympathetic and friendly as his entire team. In practice, everything simply fits, competence, friendliness, dealing with the patient. What more could you want? I am very satisfied with the treatment and can unreservedly recommend Dr. Romanek to others.

Date: 22.09.2018

Fantastic dentists. I've been with Mr. Romanek for a long time. I travelled from Ticino to him and let no one else touch my teeth. Absolutely recommendable; both human and professional!!!

Date: 27.07.2016

The dentist as such is actually quite good and nice. However, positions were settled which were unnecessary from my point of view. For example, after dental hygiene I briefly saw the dentist who told me that I should use dental floss. But the dental assistant has already told me this. By the way. I'm in my mid-30s and I've never had a hole before. On the bill the position oral hygiene was to be found, for about 32.40 CHF. On the Internet, this position means that it is about the motivation of oral hygiene by the dentist: 1. this has already been done by the assistant 2. I don't need motivation because I've never had a hole and my teeth are perfectly healthy. I was also disturbed by the position of the findings in the recall patient. Also this amount was very high and especially in my case much too much, because the findings took at most 2 minutes. From my point of view a good dentist, but he charges standard positions which are not necessary.

Date: 24.08.2013

Review from Khaled Sebastian

Very competent advice, excellent work and very likeable. I felt completely at home. Ergo: highly recommended!