Zahnarztpraxis Dental Club reviews and experiences

Date: 02.11.2018

Review from André Urben

Short-term appointment terminated with seal. Good technical advice.

Date: 19.10.2018

This dental practice is absolutely top! I was surprised by the friendliness of all employees. You always feel very welcome and the staff is highly competent! I always like to come to this beautifully furnished practice:)

Date: 27.03.2018

Review from Marta Luginbühl

Always very short waiting times, very friendly staff and very competent dentist. Each step is explained in detail. Very good.

Date: 27.03.2018

Review from Seb. Grütter

I've come a long way with several dentists behind me. Now I've arrived, fortunately. A very competent and nice dentist. My problems were solved in a very short time. Thanks to the whole team! I'll be back!

Date: 19.02.2018

Review from Anna Lucic

Rating: 6 That's very kind of you. Painless treatment. 100% satisfied. I will recommend it to others!!!

Date: 19.02.2018

Review from Martin Scherrer

I used to be very afraid of the dentist, this from various rather bad experiences. Then I went to Dental Club. Since then I finally have healthy teeth and above all: I am not afraid anymore! The dentist went a long way towards explaining everything to me. In addition, the practice is exceptionally well equipped: Great! But not only the dentist himself is top, but also the employees are very well positioned and friendly. So I'm really glad that I'm not afraid anymore and have top-maintained teeth. THANK YOU Dental Club!

Date: 13.12.2017

Review from Peter Müller

WOW. I was afraid of the dentist for many years, but with this dentist that has changed. He takes time for the consultation (at eye level) and you can feel that he wants the best solution for you. The practice is pure design and the employees are friendly and attentive. What particularly fascinates me: The technology! Everything digital, the latest equipment (especially in dental hygiene, which used to be very unpleasant, was great at this dentist). Absolute recommendation!!! Thank you Dental Club team!

Date: 22.03.2016

Very competent and friendly team and extremely efficient work!! I can only recommend this practice!

Date: 02.02.2016

Review from Chantal Häfliger

Dear Dental Club Team Dear Dr. Boyadzhiev I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great support during this process. I'm overjoyed with the result. It's been worth every second. It means a lot to me that after such a long time I finally have beautiful teeth again. Thank you. Thank you. I am glad to have such an excellent dentist! Best regards and see you soon, Chantal Haefliger

Date: 02.02.2016

Review from E. Käslin

Mr. Boyadzhiev, Many thanks to all of you for the friendly company and your work in changing my amalgam fillings. E. Käslin

Date: 01.09.2015

Review from B. Hauser

Many thanks for the reliable and prompt treatment. During all my visits to the dentist I always felt very good after the treatment and did not have to take any painkillers. Great, thanks!

Date: 01.09.2015

Review from Chadlen

The treatment at the DentalClub took away my fear of dentists. I've never felt so comfortable in my life. And that goes for my problem teeth. Thanks also to the sisters. :-)

Date: 01.09.2015

Review from Quentin

I'm very convinced because I used to have bad teeth. Today I have beautiful teeth. :-) Thank you. Thank you. Quentin.

Date: 01.09.2015

Review from Amélie G.

I am really, really happy to have changed dentists! I actually came for the wisdom teeth and was of course not very happy when I heard that a tooth revision was due due to the bad work of the predecessor! Now I'm sitting here and my cheek is slowly swelling, but I'm very happy! The competent and very courteous manner helped me to feel comfortable. Big compliment to the "boss" and his assistants. Best regards, Amélie

Date: 23.06.2015

Review from Roland Bieri

Many thanks for the great and very pleasant treatment! Although the dentist is (generally) not always pleasant, I am looking forward to the next time!

Date: 08.06.2015

Review from Eva Holz

It's all right here: The professionalism, the friendliness, the great ambience. Congratulations.

Date: 08.06.2015

Review from Esther Käsli

Had an amalgam removal. Good advice; Understood; Professional execution; THANK YOU! :-)

Date: 06.11.2014

Review from Marcel Rey

During the last months I have been in an intensive treatment phase as a new customer. I can only report positive things throughout. The doctor and his assistants treated me professionally and even painlessly. The competent answers to my questions, as well as the always friendly question of the assistants How I am, I have appreciated very much. See you soon!

Date: 05.11.2014

Review from Adelheid Stocker

Dental Club only for recommendation! After a long search, I came across this practice to undergo intensive treatment. From the very first appointment I felt in absolutely good hands. Great ambience, the practice is specially furnished and the team is very lovable and attentive! Dr. Boyadzhiev is highly competent and explains everything very well. I felt that his treatments were painless, which I particularly appreciate as I never liked going to the dentist. This has now changed, as I always felt very well taken care of here! The treatment results are fantastic! I can only thank you and wish you continued success.

Date: 03.11.2014

Review from A. Perreten

I was very pleased with you. Thank you! Friendly greetings A. perpet

Date: 03.11.2014

Review from Jonathan E. Rollè

Mr. Boyadzhiev is an impressive and very competent dentist. He is very responsive to patients, especially if you are afraid of treatment. I (like my mother) can only warmly recommend him.

Date: 30.10.2014

Review from R. Matic

Finally being able to laugh again without inhibitions! Thank you so much. The sun is shining powerfully out of my mouth again. I want all the other patients to be as good as me. I'd be happy to recommend you! Thank you Dear Dental Club Team.

Date: 30.10.2014

Review from Christine Schaubert

The first time at the dentist and no pain! The sedative's super smooth! The staff and the doctor are very nice, the practice totally stylish, great music, nice wallpaper to study when you lie on the chair. Thank you for the professional and mild treatment!

Date: 20.08.2014

Review from Elvira Kuster

Thanks you guys are great! I'm happy to recommend you.

Date: 20.08.2014

Review from R. Bergonzi

I am very satisfied with the work and professionalism of the doctor and the whole team!

Date: 06.06.2014

Review from L. Petronijevic

My kid was treated great. I have a very positive impression. Very friendly staff and dentist.

Date: 06.06.2014

Review from Germaine Schupp Tanner

Dear Dr. A Boyadzhiev An elderly lady thanks us with a spring bouquet for the wonderful work. It's nice not to have pain anymore. Friendly greetings Germaine Schupp Tanner

Date: 19.05.2014

Review from Silvia Stierli

First of all I would like to say that I was very warmly and friendly received! ? It makes you feel good. Very likeable also the dentists. My first visit, and I'll come back for sure. Best regards Silvia Stierli

Date: 19.05.2014

Review from Inge Sylvia Stenberg

Beginning with the personal, romantic interior decoration, I would like to congratulate warmly. You feel very well looked after by the staff, in a pleasant and friendly way. The clarification about all the difficulties you are facing is UNIQUE good. Dr. Boyadzhiev works quickly, well and extremely competently. You know what to expect and feel how incredible progress has been made in today's dental education. Dr. Boyadzhiev also convinces with his continuous further education. I thank you for everything new and wish that many new patients find their way to you. Keep up the good work. Friendly greetings Inge Stenberg

Date: 15.05.2014

Review from Idrizaj Azdren

It was very pleasant and very professional. Very friendly employee (Mrs. Steiner). Thank you very much, sir.

Date: 14.05.2014

Review from Eveline Volkart

Thank you very much for the great treatment. Finally I can laugh again and show my shining new teeth. Great job!

Date: 14.05.2014

Review from Frau Osaj

Thank you. Thank you. A small word because big words are too small for everything I want to say. I would like to thank you very much for your excellent work. The painless interventions, the great competent advice and treatment. Friendly staff. Dr. Boyadzhiev You have angel hands. Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 30.04.2014

Review from Damjana Minic

Super treatment, very competent and very friendly! Big praise to the whole team.

Date: 30.04.2014

Review from Emily Da Silva

I am very satisfied and happy that I have changed the dentist. Everyone is friendly, works very well together and carefully! Thank you very much. Emily Da Silva

Date: 16.04.2014

Super great ambience . you feel personally taken seriously. Very recommendable !

Date: 06.01.2014

Review from Antonio Bosch

I was treated by Dr Pflug. Great and fast treatment. And on a Sunday. Thank you. Thank you. Antonio Bosch

Date: 06.01.2014

Review from E. Kuster

Dear Dental Team Thank you so much! Super nice and courteous. Appreciate your prompt service. E. custer

Date: 06.01.2014

Review from Gertrud Kern

I have great praise for Dr. Anton Boyadzhiev. Thanks to the whole team for the always warm welcome. Today I entered the practice without pain (abdomen). A little wistfully, I leave this place. Thank you very much Gertrud Kern

Date: 23.12.2013

Review from Alessandra Assenza

absolutely recommendable! The team at the Dental Club dental practice in Lucerne is very competent and extremely courteous. It radiated friendliness and fun at work. I felt very comfortable right away. The consulting of Dr. Anton Boyadzhiev was very open, all questions were answered in detail and selflessly and I could decide freely without any pressure. He took away my fear of the dentist with his calm nature. The treatment and the result that I received are lonely peak and have given me a new quality of life and returned my smile. I can only recommend him because my confidence in his skills is very great. I feel I'm in good hands here. A big thank you to the whole team, keep it up! (Treatment from Aug. to Dec. 2013)

Date: 10.10.2013

Review from D. Florin

Great dentist and nice dental assistants! Many thanks D. forlin

Date: 10.10.2013

Review from E. Ooustwood

Thank you, may all patients be as well as I have been! It says something wonderful in the future! My greatest wish is improvement for everyone! Best regards E. ooustwood

Date: 01.10.2013

Warm welcome from the staff. The dentist's great. Thank you. Good luck with the future.

Date: 11.06.2013

Review from Sandro Egelhofer

Many thanks for the great care and the great work. See you next time! Sandro Egelhofer

Date: 07.06.2013

Review from Bruno Gerber

Our teeth have chewed off many a year, but now someone did not want more. ouch. But here the creep got help. He shines again and is happy! Many thanks to the dental team. You're PEAK!! Greetings family Gerber

Date: 06.06.2013

Review from Rosanna Mastrogiacomo

Since I was 7 years old, I have been sitting regularly at the dentist (35 years) because of my dental problems. I have NEVER encountered such an extraordinarily professional practice in the whole of Switzerland (Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva)! After one year of treatment I feel at home here, almost a pity that I am finished :-) I not only appreciated the perfect result, but also the excellent social skills of Dr. Boyadzhiev and his fantastic team. THANKS. Rosanna Mastrogiacomo

Date: 02.04.2013

Review from Stefan Dudas

A dentist who not only convinces, but amazes. Where do you get a cup of coffee in the waiting room? Where does the waiting room look like a 4-star lounge? The practice is high-tech and the most important thing: a dentist who talks and explains to his patients at eye level. I am really excited about the practice and the people who work in it! I recommend the Dental Club to everyone!

Date: 18.03.2013

Review from Dado Pantos

Super nice practice. Very good company.

Date: 21.10.2012

Dr. Anton Boyadzhiev is in my eyes a dentist with heart and soul he shows passion and competence in his profession. I wasn't at a dentist for years out of sheer fear. But when I broke a tooth in 2008 and had to walk in an emergency, I happened to meet Dr. Anton Boyadzhiev. I had several appointments with him. Tooth extraction, filling, 3 crowns, and now recently I had 6 front teeth covered with veneers. I really enjoy going to the dentist. All treatments were of very high quality, absolutely professional, relaxing and in a loving atmosphere. The result is a work of art. At this point a very warm thank you and a compliment also to the helpers who are all also very nice.

Date: 22.06.2012

It's a very friendly staff. By the exact explanation of the procedure, the doctor takes away that certain fear. The work he does is perfect. I can only recommend this doctor to others D.Frank