reviews and experiences

Date: 24.10.2019

This is only about profit optimization. They absolutely wanted to do a root canal treatment and a crown although a filling would have been enough. With claims that the remaining tooth does not allow a filling. After the probably unnecessary root canal treatment was an absolute torture, I stopped the exercise with the dentist center to good luck. With another doctor a filling could be made then nevertheless problem-free. Unfortunately I could not undo the unnecessary root treatment torture. I wanted to discuss this situation with the centre's management by telephone and asked them to call me back, unfortunately they never contacted me, too bad. I can only advise against a visit to this centre because of my experience.

Date: 11.04.2017

Evaluation for Arta Deni, dental assistant at the dental centre in Volketswil: Mrs. Deni is very competent, helpful and sensitive. My 12 year old daughter has been wearing a garden haag for over a year and is very afraid of every appointment. Mrs. Deni manages to reassure my daughter every time. And the bond and trust my daughter has with Mrs. Deni is really remarkable. If Mrs. Deni wasn't here, it wouldn't be so easy for me and my daughter. It is certainly a reason why we are at the dental centre in Volketswil. My mark for her, a clear six!

Date: 17.01.2015

The ZAZ has developed well; you can see that there is a new management. The conversion is well received. Always friendly, not only at the reception, but also on the phone. Top is that you get an SMS before the appointment. I (50, male) consider the quality and competence to be very high, the advice continuous, you take your time. The pricing is transparent, you get a detailed answer immediately if something is not clear. Criticism, e.g. the lack of a coat hanger in the practice room, is taken seriously and implemented immediately. I can recommend the ZAZ (I have been a client for 8 years), especially Dr. Mathé and her assistants. Peter A.

Date: 19.12.2014

As a long-time customer, I recently received a bill with 75 for a new customer. Reason: not at the dentist for 5 years only DH. But I was more of a visiting dentist with constant changes in their team. Why should I always pay for new patient admissions when they have staff changes?