Zahnarztpraxis & Dentallabor Algess reviews and experiences

Date: 25.03.2020

Review from Rene Wenger

I evaluate and thank here publicly, the master dental technician Mr. Genadi Bojko. I am very satisfied with my third teeth (lower + upper jaw). ---- Really very good advice and patiently a lot of empathy until the teeth really fit the face... And apart from the enormous expenditure of time, I have saved more than 30 % in costs, compared to the cost estimate of my dentist. (Unfortunately, I had quit my job for other reasons) -----Luckily, instead of going to Hungary as planned, I checked the internet again and I recommend after this wonderful experience, especially to all pensioners (like myself) to experience the same.

Date: 19.03.2016

I didn't like my front teeth. Neither the shape nor the color, because after a fall they were mended with fillings. I became aware of Algess-Dental through a friend. After a detailed consultation, the teeth were first cleaned and then bleached. The existing fillings were then renewed in two further sessions. They're really awesome. Nobody sees anything anymore, it looks like my own tooth. Genz natural and aesthetic. I am super satisfied and now go regularly to the tooth cleaning. It's like wellness!

Date: 01.02.2016

An implant with a crown. I have long been looking for reliable practice for my problem: I need to do something about my tooth space. Dental practice Algess was recommended to me by a colleague who had her front crowns made. The practice convinced me immediately: very beautiful, cosy and modern at the same time. I was very well received and advised and next week the date was already fixed. Of course, I had my concerns about pain, progression, healing, etc.. To cut a long story short: Operation was painless and gentle. No complications afterwards and esthetic of the crown made in practice itself was very satisfactory. So now I have my crown, which is hardly distinguishable from my own teeth by feeling and appearance and I will gladly recommend this practice to others.

Date: 14.12.2015

Good scheduling, good price for tooth cleaning at Algess-Dental I even got an appointment at 19 o'clock and nowhere else have I received such an inexpensive dental cleaning - team is also totally nice and quality top.

Date: 11.12.2015

An absolutely friendly and competent practice in the shade of the Hofkirche. As an anxiety patient I know what I am talking about when I say that one is best advised, treated and cared for, absolutely trust inspiring!!! Doctor answered my questions and explained to me everything I wanted to know in order to take away my fear. My praise also belongs to the practice team, which is very courteous and really friendly. The atmosphere in this practice is very pleasant. Thank you very much!!!"

Date: 30.11.2015

Great practice Algess-Dental This practice is highly recommended. The employees were very friendly and everything worked very well. It quickly took away my fears. Not only the ambience is super modern but also the treatment methods. You really feel like you're in good hands. Another big plus is the in-house dental laboratory. I have now found my dentist and dental technician with whom I am really satisfied.

Date: 08.12.2014

First of all I would like to mention that I was not at the dentist for about ten years. I knew for myself that you had to go there at all costs. A symphony of vocation, praise, and not thinking about it, is not my thing. Mr. Bojko is the maximum of person and profession, I can say with certainty. He is technically versed and somehow always fair. I felt he was conscientious and responsible. A round of applause from me, too, for having addressed all my dental health needs in a noteworthy way. Note: "summa cum laude".

Date: 02.11.2014

Best recon talk ever. I am very satisfied with the advice and from Dr. Stockner. I greatly appreciate his patient and empathetic manner. The practice staff is highly motivated, hardworking and polite. The supply possibilities and costs are communicated in a very understandable way. I really wouldn't know what to improve.

Date: 28.10.2014

Competent and very friendly dental technician. I was there for a bridge treatment. Was very satisfied from start to finish and will continue to be treated there.

Response from Zahnarztpraxis & Dentallabor Algess :

Date: 28.10.2014

Beautiful practice, friendly staff, even dental technicians with in the house Very nice practice, modernly furnished with friendly staff. The dentist did an extremely quiet and calming impression on me. I've rarely felt so well taken care of. and the dental technician master was for my crown immediately to determine the tooth shade on the spot

Response from Zahnarztpraxis & Dentallabor Algess :