ZZR Zahnarzt Zentrum Rheineck AG reviews and experiences

Date: 28.07.2020

Review from Klaus Leuenberger

This center also had some not very good ratings. These disappeared from the scene with a new orientation, but in the same way. If people, because they need "medical" help, are dependent on this location because of disability, had to rate themselves honestly worse in the past and still do not have a bulging wallet today

Date: 16.04.2019

Great team:-)

Date: 25.02.2019

A broken tooth required a crown. After a detailed explanation of the treatment steps, the offer was made immediately. ZÄ Frau Dechnik carried out the treatment steps very carefully and carefully and I am very satisfied with the result.

Date: 16.12.2018

Best thing I've ever seen at a dentist. From registration, waiting room, waiting times, entire practice, treatment of DH, Dr. Wolf, work dental technician and all staff. Really only recommendable!

Date: 27.11.2018

very friendly staff, waiting room nice, pleasant, one feels well in contrast to the typical waiting rooms as one usually knows them. Treatment very good. I can only recommend

Date: 23.11.2017

competent and considerate treatment. Friendly and helpful team. The waiting time is shortened by a coffee bar. Although you hardly have to wait. Go also with my father (88) to treatments and also he is very satisfied.

Date: 10.11.2017

Review from Thomas Weber

I have been going to the ZZR for more than 10 years now and am completely satisfied there. One is received friendly and competently advised. As a wheelchair user I appreciate the enormous helpfulness of everyone involved, including the dentists. The practice facilities are always up to date. The atmosphere in the practice rooms is very pleasant (discreet coloured walls, calming pictures etc.). Excellent work is also being done in terms of quality. Only the small access to the X-ray room is actually unhappy. With the wheelchair, it's impossible to get in there.

Date: 09.11.2017

Thank you very much for the great treatment. Very friendly team. I felt very comfortable. This practice is highly recommended as an anxiety patient.

Date: 25.07.2017

Steffen Martin (treatment on 19.07.2017) Very friendly welcome by Mrs. Franke Judith at the reception. I'm registered for dental hygiene. I have to go to the waiting room, where they're offering coffee. A short time later I was picked up by Mrs. Boog Tanya from dental hygiene. It explains to me how everything works and she asks if I have any other problems with my teeth. Then my teeth are thoroughly checked. Every tooth is looked at - everything is OK. Start with the cleaning. First the machine and then the cleaning hook are used for cleaning. Polishing follows at the end. The whole treatment was very gentle and for the first time I was not afraid because I am no hero at the dentist. I used to be sweaty because of all the stress and clinging to my chair. I really felt comfortable in the dentist's chair and received a perfect dental hygiene treatment. Thank you Mrs Boog Tanya! I went happily out of a dentist's office for the first time. In 6 months I will be registered for the next dental cleaning! Thanks to the ZZR team for the great practice and the great staff.

Date: 22.03.2017

Very competent and good advice and treatment.

Date: 28.02.2017

Since I was not sure which dentist I should go to, I came across the side of the dentist comparison. I noticed the Zahnarzt Zentrum Rheineck because it has many positive reviews. The best thing about it is that the initial examination worth CHF 168 is offered free of charge as a voucher. I'm very impressed by the center. And as they say, first impressions count.

Date: 28.02.2017

I've been a ZZR patient for a long time. Was satisfied in the top. The newly renovated practice simply beautifully done. Great praise to the management.

Date: 28.02.2017

I am an anxious patient, they were very careful and steady with me, I am very satisfied.

Date: 28.02.2017


Date: 28.02.2017


Date: 28.02.2017

Very nice courteous team! Dr. Wäldrich has worked very sensitively. I felt very comfortable. Thumbs up

Date: 28.02.2017

Very courteous staff and nice waiting room.

Date: 28.02.2017

I was treated by Dr Wolf last week. He did a very good job. Had a lot of patience with me because I'm an anxiety patient. Very friendly girls, held my hand. I can only recommend.

Date: 27.02.2017

I became aware of the practice due to an accident on a Saturday afternoon. Since then I have been there a few times - the whole team is very nice and friendly. There are no long waiting times and if it takes a few minutes longer, you can make yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee. I think that's great, TOP!

Date: 27.02.2017

Many thanks to the competent team of the ZZR for the great work! Finally, strong teeth again!!!

Date: 27.02.2017

Super team, very nicely rebuilt. I felt good and understood! Thanks to Zahnarzt Zentrum Rheineck!

Date: 27.02.2017

Many thanks for the quick repair of my prosthesis!!! Great team!!! Great practice!!!

Date: 23.02.2017

This practice is excellent. Thank you very much for your excellent work and patience. Been afraid of the dentist for a long time. Since I was with you, my fear has vanished. The team is very considerate and the concern is taken very seriously. Thank you very much that I was perceived as an individual and did not have to be ashamed for my teeth. In the future I will pay a lot of attention to my new teeth and visit you, so that this well-being and the quality of life you have given me will last for many years to come. I'd be happy to recommend you.

Date: 23.02.2017

Very great team and great dentists. Nice treatment room and waiting room. Recommended!!

Date: 23.02.2017

Very friendly and competent team. The atmosphere has become even more pleasant since the conversion. I am happy to recommend you:-)

Date: 23.02.2017

I was with Dr Wolf, and I had a new bridge built. I am very satisfied with the advice and the result. Many thanks for the excellent service and for my new teeth. Special thanks also to the nice assistants and to the laboratory. You really did a great job. I will gladly recommend the ZZR to others.

Date: 22.02.2017

I have been a satisfied customer of ZZR for years. But what you've done with the store in such a short time is incredible! Really great! Very well renovated, has become really very beautiful. You guys have a great team, including the lab guys. Many thanks for the quick repair of my prosthesis! Yours sincerely Peter Tanner

Date: 22.02.2017

Dear ZZR-Team Thank you very much for your loving care. I am really surprised how pleasant a visit to the dentist can be! Nice waiting room and very nice treatment rooms. Very nice and sensitive staff. Many thanks also to the surgeon Dr. Wolf and to Dr. Wäldrich. I like my new implant bridge very much and it feels like my own teeth. I can only warmly recommend the ZZR! Thank you very much.

Date: 24.05.2007

Watch your step! Here I had to pay for my first visit, although on the homepage with a free cost estimate with treatment plan advertising is made. Although the offer had a low taxpoint, more is simply "done" for it. Thus the cost estimate is much higher than in other dental practices. Arriving in the waiting room, the assistant immediately wanted to take a picture, as the boss apparently had a bad memory of his name. This thing seemed strange to me and I refused with thanks! The waiting room was wallpapered with advertisements for the offered deep Taxpunkt. When I decided against the treatment, the visit to the practice was charged as treatment. Further a reminder followed where with the legal service was appealed. I won't be visiting Dr Kriebel again!

Response from ZZR Zahnarzt Zentrum Rheineck AG:
22.02.2017 - Guten Tag Es zut mir sehr leid, dass Sie vor fast 10 Jahren diese Erfahrungen haben machen müssen. Da wir die Praxis erst vor kurzem übernommen haben, können wir zu den Vorfällen vor 10 Jahren natürlich nichts sagen. Gerne laden wir Sie ein, sich persönlich ein neues Bild unserer renovierten und modernisierten Praxis zu machen. Überzeugen Sie sich persönlich von unserem neuen Praxiskonzept.

Date: 13.09.2006

Since the veneers, my boss says the sun rises when I laugh. I'll see you at the next teeth cleaning!

Date: 11.09.2006

I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Kriebel very quickly and was treated almost painlessly. The practice is comfortable and clean and the assistants are very friendly. A praise from me and the practice is to be recommended.

Date: 08.09.2006

In the comprehensive and competent consultation several solutions with the associated advantages and possible disadvantages were explained to me in detail. Never before have I been able to understand in detail what alternatives there are in my particular case. I am overjoyed to have chosen the implant option. Finally I can laugh again without inhibitions and bite heartily. In addition, the treatment was not painful, although I actually assumed that the implants were anchored in the bone. I was not surprised by the above-average low invoice amount, as I had the financial overview of the treatment due to the detailed cost estimate. Again many thanks to the whole team! PS. From time to time I had to take a few minutes longer in the waiting room, that would be my only improvement approach.

Date: 02.08.2006

The dentist's consultation was fine. The verbal quoted price was slightly exceeded, respectively a third tooth was invoiced, which was not mended at all. This invoice was corrected after consultation. Compared to the school dentist, Dr. Kriebel's practice was more expensive despite the lower taxpoint. We never paid more than SFr. 400.00 for 2 composite fillings in total. The execution was standard and did not give rise to any praise or criticism. The team was friendly and the waiting time was short. The practice does not carry out corrections of tooth positions on children, which is why he recommended us other dental orthopaedic practices.

Date: 20.07.2006

Was for treatment in the practice Kriebel with Dr. Ulbrich and DA Grassi. I was given excellent advice and treated in a cheerful atmosphere. Excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

Date: 20.09.2005

Due to the existing evaluations of this practice, and my worse experiences with other dentists, I changed to Team Kriebel and can only recommend this practice. Dr. Steffen Ulbrich&Dental assistants are extremely friendly and take care of their patients. The price-performance ratio is also very satisfactory. Six stars of mine!

Date: 28.08.2005

Since my very successful restoration, I have regularly come to Dr. Kriebel's practice to clean my teeth. I would like to take this opportunity to simply state that the end result convinced me in terms of quality and price, and that I am happy to recommend this practice to others. Especially in my job in the advertising industry a well-groomed appearance is of essential importance.

Date: 07.08.2005

For a long time I had postponed my dental restoration, but through the detailed consultation in the practice of Dr. Kriebel I was able to get an idea of each treatment step and its costs, also the different possibilities were pointed out and explained to me. This, and the low final amount, led me to place the complete restoration in the hands of Praxis Kriebel, and I am more than satisfied with the final result.

Date: 02.08.2005

After unsuccessful pre-treatment by my previous Austrian dentist, I received a perfect and, above all, inexpensive all-ceramic tooth restoration in the practice of Dr. Kriebel.