Rainer Hunkeler reviews and experiences

Date: 22.02.2019

Review from Adrian Isenring

Very competent dentist, and also fr.dr meier and the whole team very friendly. can only recommend him.

Date: 10.10.2018

Dr. Hunkeler is an excellent dentist. Always in a good mood, uncomplicated and working very professionally and quickly. I can highly recommend him!

Date: 02.02.2011

Great praise to Dr. Baumgartner. Extremely friendly and lovable dentist, very competent. I received an implant from her, made it completely problem-free and tiptop. Certainly not cheap, but who wants to have something like this in their mouth? Great praise also to the friendly practice team.

Date: 12.09.2006

Dr. Hunkeler is a great dentist. Also for children I can only recommend him. Carole Margadant

Date: 18.09.2005

Dentist as well as dental hygienist are always friendly and ready for fun. The dentist works quickly and eviziently, although a small conversation is not excluded. Syringes were always a horror for me, however, must give with this dentist the best mark. Hooray!!! Even if he is not a cheap supplier, his and his team's work speaks for itself. Estimate: Directly on the treatment chair. super Martin Scheidegger