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André Busslinger

Bahnhofstrasse 54
2502 Biel

VTP Dentist: 1.10. Areas of Practice: Implants (ce...


1.10 VTP Dentist
1.00 VPT Dental hygiene

Areas of Practice:

Implants (ceramics, titan)
Gum treatment
Halitosis Consultation
Dental hygiene

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Date 10.10.2018

Review from 

Top dentist!! Absolutely recommendable for anxious patients, transparent billing!

Date 03.08.2014

Review from 

I was treated by Dr. Busslinger after another dental practice diagnosed me with paradontitis. They tried to pull five teeth out of me. When I found a specialist for paradontitis in Mr. Busslinger, he was able to save three of the five teeth through a great therapy and treatment that lasted several months. I can only recommend Mr Busslinger that he proceed very cautiously during the treatment and say immediately what will cost how much. The staff is friendly and very competent. Out of 10 possible points, I give 11 points.

Date 19.05.2013

Review from Ilona Schwab

The ideal dentist for anxiety patients. After years of panic attacks before my visits to the dentist, I finally found the perfect dentist for me. Dr. Busslinger is a very sensitive, sensitive, understanding and competent dentist. I even had an implant placed, which means a lot to me. I can only recommend this dentist.

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