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Zahnarzt Team Luzern - Praxis Dr. Schulte, Lucerne

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Zahnarzt Team Luzern - Praxis Dr. Schulte

Dr. med. dent. - Spezialist Oralchirurgie

Winkelriedstrasse 37
6003 Lucerne

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Telephone:041 210 58 58
Téléfax:041 210 58 48
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VTP Dentist: 1.15. Areas of Practice: Implants (ce...
1.15VTP Dentist
1.15VPT Dental hygiene
Areas of Practice:
Implants (ceramics, titan)
All-ceramic crowns and bridges
Wisdom tooth treatment
Caries treatment
Ceramic fillings
Amalgam Removal
laser treatments
Ceramic veneering
Gum treatment
Dental nerve treatment
Oral Surgery
Pediatric Dentistry
fear of dentist treatment
Halitosis Consultation
Dental Laboratory
Power Bleaching
Tooth jewelry
Dental hygiene
Further Information: Practice clinic specia...
Emergency service:Montag-Samstag nach Vereinbarung
:5 years
:10 years
:5 years
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Languages: German, English, French, Italian
Medical:Specialized in pediatric Dentistry
Pain-free injection possible
Treatment under general anesthesia possible
Specials:Payment in installments possible

Practice clinic specializing in: Fixed teeth in one day, treatment of anxiety patients, treatments in twilight sleep or anesthesia. The team includes children's dentist + braces specialist

The last 3 of total 22 reviews of Zahnarzt Team Luzern - Praxis Dr. Schulte:

Date 12.08.2019

Review from 

The question I asked myself was whether to carry out a dental overhaul in several steps combined with the pain associated with it, or whether to adopt the successful "All on 4" method in a few practices. After a very open and direct introduction and clarification with Dr. Schulte, I decided to perform the operation. This operation took much longer than expected, but afterwards I was looked after by Sandra and Belma in a very professional, cordial and self-sacrificing way. This was the case both in the recovery room and later in the 3-4 follow-up consultations. Dr. Schulte's work has been outstandingly successful and I am proud to have gone down this path. It only remains for me to express my heartfelt thanks to the whole team. I would recommend this team to everyone.

Date 12.05.2019

Review from Herbie Döös

We are very happy to have changed to Dr. Marcel Kolouch. For our daughter, who has a special dental problem, he suggested a serious and gentle orthodontic solution with Invisalign splints. And we are now, after 16 months of treatment, more than satisfied! Our daughter didn't have to endure any pain and was able to cope wonderfully with the rails. Nothing ever broke and we only needed to check every 6 - 8 weeks. And the result is fantastic! The teeth could be brought into the right position without complications and now look really great! We owe this to Dr. Kolouch, who proceeded very sensitively, carefully and again and again in a controlling manner. We can only warmly recommend him and Invisalign! Family Döös, Oberkirch

Date 24.04.2019

Review from Nancz Nancy

I regularly clean my teeth, straighten them over a period of 1.5 years and then have them bleached. The result is fantastic. The straightening of the teeth took significantly less time than the predicted 2 years. Overall, I was just under 5% below the offer price. The treatments were all very good. I have always felt that I received competent advice. I stopped bleaching before the 2nd fifteen minute run was finished. From some point on I just wasn't happy anymore and it was stopped immediately. At no time had the assistant left the room. I had something in mind that after such a short treatment you might not see anything of the bleaching, but the result was great. Really bright teeth that still look natural. Meanwhile I can brush my straightened teeth with dental floss between the gaps. You could even "save" a tooth that was completely in the way and where I still wonder today how it was possible to put it so elegantly (there was hardly any space). I now have one retainer each at the top and bottom, but it doesn't bother me and you can't see it either. I could have done without this one if I wanted to wear some kind of braces in the evening. But I don't want to have to put another rack in my mouth after the goodnight kiss. A good decision, as it turns out. I became aware of the practice through various YouTube videos. My positive impression has been confirmed. It's a very trusting relationship. Even if things get a little more complicated than expected, this is communicated honestly and the appropriate options are suggested to me after an analysis. It makes me feel like I'm being taken seriously. Meanwhile I live 2 hours away by car and still go to Lucerne for dental hygiene. Highly recommended.

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