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Miomir Gavrilovic

Dr. med.stom.

6415 Arth

VTP Dentist: 1.01. Areas of Practice: Implants (ce...


1.01 VTP Dentist
1.01 VPT Dental hygiene

Areas of Practice:

Implants (ceramics, titan)
All-ceramic crowns and bridges
Wisdom tooth treatment
Caries treatment
Ceramic fillings
Amalgam Removal
Ceramic veneering
Gum treatment
Dental nerve treatment
Oral Surgery
Pediatric Dentistry
Halitosis Consultation
Dental hygiene
Further Information: Languages: German Year:1959...
Languages: German
Specials:Payment in installments possible

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Date 24.09.2018

Review from Petra Ackermann

Dr. Gavrilovic is the best dentist I've been to in a long time. There's hardly anything he can't do. Apart from the incredible power spectrum, he and his team are very nice and very competent. I had 2 holes and the teeth in the front area also had better days. When he gave me the mirror I could hardly believe how perfect the result was. Well, honestly, it doesn't get any better than that!

Date 12.07.2017

Review from 

A big hole no clumsiness with this view from the Rigiblick Who doesn't know the sterile atmosphere in the practice room of any dentist? In the middle there is a modern sling with automatically adjustable lying positions. In front of it is an indefinable collection of dental equipment such as drills with various inserts, pressure guns for water and air, various drawers and shelves for the smallest, scary instruments, on the left a dishwasher with water glass, on the right CP with screen, above the head a huge lamp with sophisticated lighting technology. Otherwise sober walls and perhaps a surreal picture that has long since ceased to appeal. Lying there, waiting for the snorkeller (expression by dentist Dr. Erwin Würth sel.), who is still standing in the second or even third practice room, swinging back and forth in between, making a good face to the assistant who ties the bib around you and fills the water glass. A slight heart palpitations causing a feeling of anxiety on syringes, poking around with sharp hooks between teeth in the whole wide opening mouth and finally on the syringe and the inevitable drill with unpleasant vibration and annoying noise. A completely different experience high above Weggis in the Kurhaus St. Otmar below the Rigiblick at Dr. Miomir Gavrilovic: - If exceptionally a short wait, then on request in good weather on the terrace with a tremendous view over Weggis, the lake, to Vitznau and into the mountains. - Friendly welcoming conversation with the dentist, who is anything but stressed and highly qualified. - As good as possible painless consultation and sensitive intervention with excellent human and professional qualifications. - Aiding and abetting a pretty assistant (now also a young one from Vitznau). - If necessary, a short prick for the painless procedure. - In between the delightful panorama of our God-given homeland, which can be admired from the armchair. - Easily accessible for mobile people with enough parking spaces. Others can be picked up in the village and brought back there on request. Such services are extraordinary and rarely offered anymore. - Appointments are made as far as possible according to the patient's wishes. - Moderate billing of outstanding services. Gerhard Bättig, Vitznau

Date 28.01.2016

Review from 

My previous dentist in Küssnacht a/R had no time to examine my toothache. Since I was two days before leaving abroad, I was looking for another dentist to take care of my tooth. Within two hours I could pass by his house. Analysis: molar root inflammation. Extraction followed by treatment with collagen and antibiotics. In the afternoon I still had to take a Ponstan, but in the night and afterwards never pain! Had me set for a painful long 23-hour flight. The treatment was so clean, sensitive and conscientious that I can highly recommend this dentist. After 8 days my wife took out my stitches and the gums showed irritation-free wound conditions. Great. Many thanks

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