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Zahnarztpraxis & Dentallabor Algess

Algess Dental

Stadthofstrasse 11
6006 Lucerne

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VTP Dentist: 3.10. Areas of Practice: Implants (ce...


3.10 VTP Dentist
3.10 VPT Dental hygiene

Areas of Practice:

Implants (ceramics, titan)
All-ceramic crowns and bridges
Wisdom tooth treatment
Caries treatment
Ceramic fillings
Amalgam Removal
Ceramic veneering
Gum treatment
Dental nerve treatment
Oral Surgery
fear of dentist treatment
Halitosis Consultation
Dental Laboratory
Power Bleaching
Tooth jewelry
Dental hygiene
Further Information: A pearl from Lucerne i...
Emergency service:
:5 years
:5 years
:5 years
:5 years
:5 years
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Languages: German, English, Italian, Russian
Member:Member of the swiss dental association SSO
Medical:Pain-free injection possible
Treatment under general anesthesia possible
Specials:Payment in installments possible

A pearl from Lucerne in the shadow of the Hofkirche... We offer a special service for all dental treatments related to implantology and prosthetics. Individual, transparent and reliable. In our dental centre you benefit from a fair price, best quality and a correct handling. This is made possible by our innovative concept, our cost reduction and the distribution of Swiss products. We have 25 years of experience. We are constantly striving to expand our knowledge and to keep up to date through further training. For you, this means safety and state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics and treatment.

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Date 13.10.2020

Review from 

My father wanted to put an implant in this practice. To do so, he had to build up the bone or perform a sinus operation. The first date was set in July and cancelled due to the heat. The second date was also cancelled on site because the payment has not yet arrived, although a confirmation of payment was presented. The third operation appointment was cancelled because my father and I both seem to have written down the wrong date. The practice seems very dubious and unprofessional. Because of this, we have discontinued treatment. Nothing has been done on the teeth etc. yet. The owner of the practice (Mr. Bojko) refuses to repay the advance of 3'000.- CHF. If we contact Mr. Bojko (we discussed the whole treatment with him and we received the cost estimate from him), he cannot give us any information, because apparently the dentist Mr. Papoutsis is responsible. But it is very difficult to contact Mr. Papoutsis, because he is only available on Mondays. The advance was paid into the account of the practice Algess Luzern (owner Mr Bojko). We've been waiting three weeks for a refund. Last week we set the final deadline. If the payment is not received, we will take legal action with our lawyer. The dentist promised to give us a feedback by phone on Monday 12.10.2020. But he did not call us. Today we contacted Mr. Bojko and he again gave no information and hung up the phone. Such behaviour is simply an impertinence. At the same time they sent us an arbitrary invoice of over 900 CHF to cover the expenses. (3x preparation operation, which did not take place 3x). My father also had to take a day off on each of these 3 operation dates and drive to the practice. He was also nervous because of the operation and slept badly, only to find out on the operation date that the operation would not take place. I would never again, a treatment in this practice provide!

Response from Zahnarztpraxis & Dentallabor Algess :
Sehr geehrte Frau Djak Es tut uns leid, dass Sie nicht zufrieden sind. Wir sehen uns aber gezwungen auf die Punkte, die Sie notieren zu antworten und den objektiven Sachverhalt darzulegen: 1) der erste Termin wurde aufgrund der COVID-19 Situation verschoben. Die Hitze ist zum Glück in der Schweiz nie ein Problem und nie so stark, dass Termine deshalb annulliert werden müssen! Während der COVID-19 Pandemie und dem Lockdown musste jede Zahnarztpraxis in der Schweiz nur auf die Notfallbehandlungen limitiert werden. Das war gesetzlich vorgegeben! Die Situation von ihrem Vater klar keine Notfallsituation, auch wenn Sie das anders sehen. Die Gesetze müssen eingehalten werden auch wenn das Ihnen nicht gefällt. 2) In der Schweiz sind die Zeiten zwischen Zahlungen per Bank und Erscheinen der Beträge auf dem Bankkonto sehr kurz. Bei Ihnen haben wir damals keine Vorzahlung der 1. Rate gefunden, obwohl diese gemäss Ihnen Tage vorher durchgeführt wurde. Das Problem liegt somit sicher nicht bei uns. 3) Der 3. Termin wurde falsch notiert aber es wurden Ihnen mündlich klar mitgeteilt, dass es am Montag ist. 4) Für Ihren Vater wurde nach fachspezifischer Evaluation (klinische und röntgentechnische Untersuchung) eine Operation geplant sowie eine Vorarbeit inkl. Abdrücke in die Wege geleitet. Es ist verständlich, dass keine solche zahnärztliche Leistung in der Schweiz gratis ist. Sie haben sich entschieden die Behandlung nicht mehr bei uns durchzuführen, das ist Ihr Recht. Was aber verständlicherweise nicht in Ordnung ist, ist dass Sie eine volle Rückerstattung von der Vorzahlung nun wollen. Mit freundlichen Grüssen G.Bojko

Date 25.03.2020

Review from Rene Wenger

I evaluate and thank here publicly, the master dental technician Mr. Genadi Bojko. I am very satisfied with my third teeth (lower + upper jaw). ---- Really very good advice and patiently a lot of empathy until the teeth really fit the face... And apart from the enormous expenditure of time, I have saved more than 30 % in costs, compared to the cost estimate of my dentist. (Unfortunately, I had quit my job for other reasons) -----Luckily, instead of going to Hungary as planned, I checked the internet again and I recommend after this wonderful experience, especially to all pensioners (like myself) to experience the same.

Date 19.03.2016

Review from 

I didn't like my front teeth. Neither the shape nor the color, because after a fall they were mended with fillings. I became aware of Algess-Dental through a friend. After a detailed consultation, the teeth were first cleaned and then bleached. The existing fillings were then renewed in two further sessions. They're really awesome. Nobody sees anything anymore, it looks like my own tooth. Genz natural and aesthetic. I am super satisfied and now go regularly to the tooth cleaning. It's like wellness!

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