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Zahnfair GmbH

8400 Winterthur

VTP Dentist: 0.90. Areas of Practice: Implants (ce...


0.90 VTP Dentist
0.90 VPT Dental hygiene

Areas of Practice:

Implants (ceramics, titan)
All-ceramic crowns and bridges
Wisdom tooth treatment
Caries treatment
Ceramic fillings
Amalgam Removal
laser treatments
Ceramic veneering
Gum treatment
Dental nerve treatment
fear of dentist treatment
Halitosis Consultation
Dental Laboratory
Power Bleaching
Tooth jewelry
Dental hygiene
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Languages: German, English, French

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Date 16.06.2019

Review from 

It seems like a very none impressive dental practice at first. Office arrangements are quite simple. But do not judge the book by its cover. Basing on my experience with two Dentists, one of which is the co-founder of Zahnfair, Dr. Cedric Bobay, I was given a very good first time-check-up, given suggestions of procedures to be done, offers were varied and founded on cost-control and dependent on my wishes. I was able to get offers on what kind of dentures I can live with and pay for without the pressure of getting to follow all the expensive "suggestions" of my decades long and former dentist. I believe that the success of this practice was based upon its simplicity. The dentists do their own paper works without the added administration costs which most patients from other practice are "forced" to pay indirectly. You will be in a home-like atmosphere. Dr. Bobay is friendly, very professional in his work, attentive to the patient's budget and precise in his dental procedures. I am very glad with the outcome of the dental works on my lower front teeth. At the same time, the one-woman administrative manager, Frau Gross, is someone you can really talk to. Why go to Hungrary when a good and affordable dental practice in just in Zurich?

Date 22.11.2018

Review from Jessica Osmanoska

Professional competence, very precise way of working, thinking ahead, fair patient-oriented advice, authentic, natural. Thank you, Dr. Abazi.

Date 24.10.2018

Review from Christian Spörri

Super nice and fair dentist. Absolutely transparent. I'm staying!

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