Frequently asked questions about the comparison of offers

What do I gain with a request of offers?
Our experience with comparison of offers shows that the best counter-offers are up to 50% below the initial offer. This is because some dentists specialize in specific procedures and perform with great efficiency. In addition, lower purchase prices for materials are passed on to the patient.

Is it free for me to start a request of offers?
Yes. This service is free of charge and without obligation.

How do I start a request of offers?
Using the following link: Start a request of offers

Do I have to respond to a counter-offer?
You remain 100% anonymous with your request of offers. You decide freely if you want to respond to a counter-offer. You are not obliged to accept a counter-offer.

How do I enter my existing offer?
You can copy the text of the offer that you received from your dentist, or scan the offer and upload as a PDF document. You also have the opportunity to upload digital x-rays or other images.

Do I need to provide a valid email address?
Yes. We need your e-mail address, zip code, your age and gender. The counter-offers will be sent to your email address. Your e-mail address is never published and not passed on to dentists. You remain 100% anonymous.

Comparator Check of Swiss Dentists, does it earn money through this system?
Yes. The commission fee is dependent on the original price of the request and is between 10 CHF and 40 CHF. This fee is paid by every dentist who wishes to file a counter offer.

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