Comparator Check of Swiss Dentists

Value tariff point (VPT): How much does my dental treatment cost?

The value tariff point indicates how expensive a dentist is. The dentist sets it himself. The value tariff point can be set freely. For members of the swiss dental association SSO it can not be more then CHF 5.80.

Any dental service is assigned a certain number of tariff points (eg 5.5 for dental x-ray or 8-11 for a short examination). The number of tariff points is multiplied by the value tariff point and thus results in the price of each dental service.

A dental X-ray can cost CHF 15.40 (TPW 2.8) with one dentist, when another dentist charges CHF 27.20 (TPW 4.95) for the same.

VPT Dentist = Value tariff point for dentist
VPT Dental hygiene = Value tariff point for dental hygiene

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