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  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Glatttal Zahnarzt from Dübendorf
    "I came as an emergency with pain. I didn't know that a large X-ray was needed for a thick cheek on the wisdom tooth. But it was ok that the doctor named Eberhard announced the costs of 180 francs to me BEFORE I did it. I pulled the tooth in my home country after all - but the resolution/quality of the image and the pain treatment were fantastic. I recommend it to others. Exactly what is ordered is done."
  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Frédéric Born from Lausanne
    "Very good dentist who did an excellent job, meeting my expectations very well. I am very satisfied, as is my sister, whose dentist he is also, with his work and his follow-up. His advice is pertinent and has notably helped me to improve my dental hygiene in the medium/long term. The prices are correct."
  • 21.02.2020: 1 out of 6 Points Bellevue Zahnärzte AG from Zürich
    "Very bad experience. After extraction of a tooth, the wound was opened and cleaned twice more without the pain having subsided. Then I went frustrated to another dentist, who recognized by DVT method, that during the extraction a root residue remained in the bone. This possibility was never discussed, I always had the feeling that one was not really interested in getting to the bottom of the constant pain - just more of the same. X-rays had to be repeated because X-rays were not saved. Cutlery is so hot that it first had to be brought to an appropriate temperature with refrigerant. The attempt to reach an agreement with the practice to reduce treatment costs was in vain - you see friendly on the phone but then no more feedback. All in all very frustrating and I can only advise against entrusting his health to this \"factory\"."
  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Praxis Orsanic from Wabern
    "Dr. Orsanic and his team are simply top-notch! I was repeatedly given explanations before and during the treatments and in some cases the adjustments to be made were shown directly on models. As I partly had longer appointments, there were also breaks, drinks were offered, the treatment chair was warmed up or the massage program was activated. Always felt like I was in good hands. In this practice the customer is still king. In addition, the cost estimate was adhered to down to the last centime. I recommend Dr. med. dent. and his team to the best of my knowledge and belief."
  • 19.02.2020: 4 out of 6 Points TEAM 15 - PRAXIS FÜR ZAHNMEDIZIN from Zug
    "I was in treatment for a long time last year and unfortunately there were always new problems. Root canal treatment, but then the tooth had to be removed. A bridge had to be made which was then inserted. After a short time I had pain again and the bridge had to be removed and another root canal treatment was necessary. Luckily, the bridge could be removed without breaking and it was a very unpleasant, nerve-racking and time-consuming process, and the dentists went to great lengths to get everything in order. Nevertheless, I would get a second opinion today."
  • 15.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Britta Köhn from Wald ZH
    "I was a pretty big anxiety patient until I was with Dr. Britta Köhn for the first time. Through her very competent advice and especially her very calm and pleasant charisma, I lost more and more my fear. Today I like to call them to make an appointment and I also appreciate that you get a quick appointment. For me personally, Dr. B. Köhn is the best dentist with a very great, competent team, which my friends and acquaintances whom I have recommended her can only confirm. She comes highly recommended."

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