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  • 19.01.2020: 6 out of 6 Points David Milani from Berne
    "I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed in the practice of Dr. Milani. I am very satisfied with the treatment and was well informed about every procedure. The team is well attuned to each other. Very modern practice that I can only recommend."
  • 18.01.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Dental Team Laufenburg from Laufenburg
    "The whole team is very friendly and well organized. Since I have been treated by the dental team, I am finally not afraid anymore. Thanks a lot."
  • 15.01.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Glatttal Zahnarzt from Dübendorf
    "I am satisfied here because Dr. Eberhard has many patients. I can be sure that only what is really necessary will be rehabilitated, as the practice seems to be very busy. Waiting room occupied...etc...My predecessor Zurichdent was really looking for work. To new bridges, which were really still good and never hurt. Here at Glatttal's dentist I was confirmed that my suspicions were correct. Just a little hole. This was skillfully filled with plastic at the highest level, advised, responsibly and meticulously precisely hardened, re-hardened, polished to a shine...just under 300 CHF. In all conscience, a full 6 out of 6 stars. Really a good dentist"
  • 15.01.2020: 6 out of 6 Points ZAHNARZTPRAXIS AM WEINBERG from Zürich
    "Great! For me, the choice of the practice in the vineyard was a decision that was the best I have made in terms of all the dental treatments I have had in the last 40 years. The team is extremely competent, helpful and ahead of the game. Be my dentist for the future! If you are afraid of the dentist like I am, you are in good hands with Dr. Munzinger and can warmly recommend him as a dentist! I was constantly asked if I still felt anything or if anything was unpleasant. Dr. Munzinger always explained all necessary steps in detail and plausibly comprehensible. The pros and cons of each step were explained and I never felt badly advised or had the feeling that this was the most expensive solution. Therefore I can recommend this practice to everyone and in all areas with a clear conscience. Here one feels that one is taken seriously as a human being and the concerns of the patient are taken into account. Mrs Corona seemed to me very competent, very friendly and explained why she does what. She was also very sensitive. Thanks a lot."
  • 15.01.2020: 1 out of 6 Points DR. IACOB & IACOB from Zürich
    "Serhr dissatisfied and unsanitary. Mrs. Iacob is unfortunately not so customer-friendly and answers questions more annoyed than competent. The worst: She is unkempt and unfortunately, unfortunately, her oral hygiene is also bad. When it came to dental hygiene, her breath almost made me sick. Also the prices are sometimes lower, sometimes higher, depending on the season or when the demand is high or low. Not very reputable. So next time I'll go somewhere else."
  • 14.01.2020: 1 out of 6 Points Zijo Duranovic from Russikon
    "A very unfriendly dentist! I'm not satisfied at all! Unprofessional !!!! Terrible tone of voice with the assistants ! not recommended at all!!!!"

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