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  • 02.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Zahnarzt Team Luzern - Praxis Dr. Schulte from Lucerne
    "Cui honorem, honorem - honor to whom honor is due! Dr. Markus Schulte and his team are professionally and personally on a level that I had never experienced before in the medical environment. I came today with a lot of pain and left with a big laugh. The case was not easy. My jaw was festered, I had waited far too long. But already 2 hours after the emergency surgery, I was 100% painless. That really inspired me! The procedure was highly professional. The perfect mix: 100% competence, absolute skill, great cordiality and humour. I felt in the best of hands at every moment. Thank you Mr. Schulte! Thank you Mrs Sejdic! Thanks to the whole team! THANK YOU! I am proud to be part of ZTL's customer base as of today. I can recommend the ZahnarztTeamLuzern 100%! Kind regards Dan"
  • 01.07.2020: 1 out of 6 Points ST. ALBANTOR - ZAHNARZT from Basel
    "I have waited very long to write this review, because I never give negative reviews, according to the motto \"the good ones should be praised\". But after these extremely bad experiences, not only because of the poor work, but mainly how the St. Albantor practice reacted to my case, I decided to share my experience here. One after the other: Order: Replacing the amalgam fillings with ceramics. 1. actually, I should have been surprised when I made the appointment. Although it was not an emergency at all, the work started right away (not a full schedule with only one dentist). 2. the work was done quickly and smoothly. All nice people, the dentist I would rather classify as a craftsman than an artist, which is no problem. It just goes quite rustic (without pain) to the point. 3. unfortunately, with the new inlays, nothing really fit together anymore. That's normal for now, but afterwards we grind here and there until it fits. 4. the problem was that even after the 3rd session it didn't get better and I was told to try it just like that. To be honest, it did not get better. 5th Of course I tried again to improve during the next teeth cleaning appointment, unfortunately without success. 6) As I was abroad on business and my confidence was broken, I had my teeth cleaned by other dentists on a regular basis. IMPORTANT, none of them has done anything to the ceramic inlays. 7. after only 3 years of work, the first ceramic parts are broken. And no, not during the meal, not even shortly after. Just like that. 8. Yes, it can happen, and that's what the dentist's website guarantees: Guarantee: Inlays/onlays: 5 years Partial dentures: 5 years Full dentures: 5 years Implants: 10 years crowns, bridges: 10 years 9. contacted dentist and described situation. This refers to the fact that I have not done all dental cleanings/checks with him, therefore no guarantee, no goodwill, no partial debt and partial payment of costs. The answer of the practice was that I should come for a check-up. Even when I explained that this is not possible at the moment because I am not in town and the damage must be repaired as soon as possible, no goodwill, no understanding. 10th I tried 3 times to find a solution with the practice. Unsuccessfully. As I said, mistakes, problems, etc. can happen anytime and anywhere. What is important is how they are dealt with. In this case it was a total failure. There are also no excuses and no explanations for the dentist's reaction, as I said, I tried 3 times to come to an acceptable solution for both parties. Numbers: The cost of all the work at St. Albantor Dentist was about Fr. 15000.00 In the meantime a true specialist has replaced the broken ceramic (only what was broken, not all the other inlays and crowns). Price around Fr. 1900.00."
  • 01.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Zahnärzte Safenwil GmbH from Safenwil
    "I have been seeing Dr. Tischer for years and I have always been satisfied he does a great job and always has good tips!"
  • 30.06.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Zahnärztinnen from Zürich
    "Very recommendable dental practice, I have had to undergo several treatments, including root canal treatment, and the quality is very good, as is the handling and reliability. I am glad that I switched to Dr Grossmann, since then the fear of dental visits is no longer great."
  • 30.06.2020: 6 out of 6 Points ZAHNARZTPRAXIS AM WEINBERG from Zürich
    "very competent and friendly DH"
  • 30.06.2020: 6 out of 6 Points ZAHNARZTPRAXIS AM WEINBERG from Zürich
    "Mrs Corona does a great job and it is always a pleasure to be advised and treated competently by her. Christian La Fontaine"

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