Adèle Ruh reviews and experiences

Date: 23.06.2015

J'ai 55 ans aujourd'hui et je dois dire que pour la première fois de ma vie, je vais avec plaisir chez un dentiste. Mme Ruh est extrêmement compétente et prend un soin particulier non seulement à la qualité biocompatible des matériaux qu'elle pose dans la bouche mais aussi à la pose de ces matériaux. Elle a procédé chez moi à l'enlèvement de nombreux amalgames en mercure et m'a prodigué des conseils très utiles de detoxification de métaux lourds. J'ai retrouvé grâce à elle une santé que j'avais perdue les dernières années, empoisonnée que j'étais par une douzaine d'amalgames au mercure posés en France il y a une vingtaine d'années. Elle a par ailleurs une qualité rare dans le corps médical: celle de ne pas se prétendre infaillible, de se poser des questions et de réfléchir avec le patient aux origines des problèmes et à leur solution.

Date: 13.04.2013

This doctor made me follow expensive and unnecessary care for months because it was based on an erroneous diagnosis. Indeed, following a root treatment of one of my molars, where I felt a sharp pain at the end of the treatment, and kept some bad taste of products that she put in my tooth, with unbearable pain, a recurrent infection of the adjacent gum, where she simply injected me with antibiotics in situ and prescribed them orally, seeing that the tooth was moving, it took months for the described syptoms to see that the tooth was simply split in two laterally, which was not visible on the X-ray. but still.... Food entered the inside of the tooth and maintained the infection. When she finally saw the fracture, she cried out, "ah... I understand why your tooth was moving, you tasted like... listing my symptoms. But she didn't have the idea of withdrawing her fees for this unnecessary care, telling me it was me who wanted to keep her! Yes, of course, but based on her diagnosis that talked about gingivitis! I know that a fully split tooth is not usually reconstituted, and it is quite obvious that if I had known what was there, I would have accepted that she would pull it out of me since that is what happened! In addition, knowing my health problems that I was waiting to receive my DI pension, she also failed to warn me that her fees are prohibitive because she charges a very high point rate. She also made me deposits ceramic amlagamas (in the past), supposedly better for my health, whose realization is less well done than those I had later, following cavities, and which were made of composite much more successful. I discovered afterwards in one of his colleagues a document in his waiting room that clearly stated what his price was, and the point was much lower. It is all very well to make estimates if we do not prevent that we apply higher rates than many colleagues. It comes from France and does not seem to be registered in the A.M.D.G. either (here it is to be checked)... So in a nutshell, always ask about the pricing, make a comparison and ask questions to find out why a practitioner is not a member of the A.M.D.G.... To top it all off, I was not heard for these requested fees that I refuse to pay because she refused to review her copy, did not apologize for the suffering caused and put me on trial. It seems that she has succeeded in raising opposition... ah the almighty power of the medical profession.... I haven't even been able to be heard before a judge, to have an expertise, nothing. I don't congratulate her.