Karim-Frédéric Marti reviews and experiences

Date: 31.03.2016

Dr. Marti was my dentist in La Chaux-de-Fonds for 15 years. Because he became amazing etiquette, because he hasn't contacted me for 15 months, I filed a complaint with SSO. Because the SSO could not reach Dr. Marti, I turned to the Bundesamt für Gesundheit Bern. Because the Bundesamt is not competent for the case, I filed my complaint with the Neuchâtel Public Health Department. I have already claimed from SSO before, when Dr. Marti radiographed my teeth without announcement, without my consent, without my order and without sufficient protection against irradation. Another faith I claimed from SSO, because Dr. Marti was grinding my first teeth without any annotation before, without my agreement and without my order. He also refuses to complete the AHV call based on data obtained during his 15-year work. I asked SSO because Dr. Marti's estimate of Dec. 2014 for future medical work was excessive. A professional and careful examination at the denture clinic of the University of Bern proved that a year later, repairs to my teeth are not necessary. From that moment on in 2014, as soon as he received his estimate, Dr. Marti refused to take a position on the problematic situation. I asked SSO, because Dr. Marti refuses to treat me more at his office La Chaux-de-Fonds and at the same time refuses to make available data that can be used together with the call for teeth at the Bern University Clinic. Dr. Marti refuses to give an understandable explanation for his curious behaviour, to motivate why he no longer wants to treat me after 15 years of care, when he was making the excessive and unrealistic estimate of more than 1000 CHF in Dec. 2014. Dr. Marti does not communicate with me, he refuses to let me know personally about the refusal of care and to motivate his attitude. With his bizarre behaviour, by playing dead, he prevents me from fulfilling my commitments and professionally caring for my teeth and maintaining my good health. The doctor must, according to Geneva's promise, devote his life to the service of humanity and the health of the patient. The economic criterion must be an element of the conditions of its action. It must not be the orientation of his private greed. He must not use and abuse the patient to increase his own profit. Dr. Marti was responsible for dental medical care 1999 - 2014. During this time he abuses the freedom of treatment, by performing and charging for unnecessary medical work. For 15 years he drilled countless holes to fill them afterwards with artificial material. This is a fact, which I can prove with the examination document from the University of Bern. Since Dec. 14, since Dr. Marti's extraordinary estimate, there have been no cases of cavities in my teeth. It is important to obtain Dr. Marti's complete documents, even if it will be difficult to prove the abuse, and I ask for the return of my many photos and artistic works, which Dr. Marti uses to decorate the walls of his office and private rooms.