Zahnarzt Praxis Herblingen reviews and experiences

Date: 12.07.2015

My first treatment with Dr. Mariela Martinez is several years old. At least once a year I let my teeth be checked and repaired by her. I have always been surprised and very satisfied with the quality of your work and that of your team of assistants. I'll follow my treatments with her. I recommend to anyone, whatever the nationality of the treatments they receive in this office. Doctor, very grateful. I also wish you many successes in your future. Jorge.

Date: 25.01.2015

The treatments in the dental practice Herblingen are exceptional! With sensitive and efficient hands, otherwise painful procedures are performed in such a way that they are perceived as 'acceptable' by the patient. Afterpains' remain reduced to a natural minimum and Anaesthesia syringes lose their 'fright'! ;-) Great praise for the prostheses! They are aesthetically adapted so that nobody notices them... often not even the one who wears them himself! Thank you!

Date: 25.03.2013

Dr. Martinez is the best doctor in the world. Where there is. Simply wonderful, and very friendly. Dear greetings Roland Müller

Date: 05.03.2010

My treatment with Dr. Martinez was already several months ago, but nevertheless - better late than never - I can recommend this dentist to anyone without reservation! There is nothing to complain about regarding staff, general impression of the practice and treatment. Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Date: 07.03.2007

Due to heavy bleeding, resulting from treatment by my dentist, who could no longer be reached late in the evening, I was referred to Mrs Martinez by the cantonal hospital in an emergency. I could go right away (at 11 p.m.!). Very friendly and competent treatment, both by Mrs. Martinez and by the practice assistant. Modern and almost cozy (if it were not a dental practice...) practice! I can only recommend.

Date: 29.11.2006

Very pleasant climate and a friendly team. The colourful dental practice is very modern. The dentist is very sensitive and understanding. Although I don't like to go to the dentist, it is easier for me with them from time to time... :o) Keep it going!!!

Date: 29.11.2006

Friendly, well-positioned team. Good range of services at fair prices. Clean and good work.

Date: 05.09.2006

Practice equipment is modern and very friendly. Optimal appointment reservation. Cost services are super (including free distribution of sample toothpastes and toothbrushes).