Lothar Frank reviews and experiences

Date: 03.09.2019

Review from Daniel Fontana

NO PAIN! I highly recommend Dr. Frank. Absolutely brilliant, I'm thrilled. If you don't feel any pain after a wisdom tooth removal, the dentist has really done everything right! :-) Many thanks

Date: 15.08.2019

Dr. Lothar Frank is very sensitive and patient, competent advice and super results, prices are right and you get fast appointments. The whole team, really all of them are very nice and this practice is highly recommended. I have been there for a very long time and feel well looked after and cared for all around. A.Rest

Date: 22.05.2019

Best dentist I ever had. Trustworthy and great with kids. Great advice and execution. Nice practice.

Date: 02.11.2018

I have been with Dr Lothar Frank since his time at the Volkszahnklinik Basel. The sensitive contact with me as a patient, his circumspect way of working and his relaxed but purposeful way of explaining dental care have convinced me so much that I now travel the long way to Rapperswil twice a year to check my teeth. My children are now also with me and, it is hard to believe, they are looking forward to the dentist. Besides, he's got a great team around him.

Date: 24.10.2018

very professional, farsighted, responds well to customers, careful hand guidance, good care, highly recommendable

Date: 19.03.2018

Since I am hypersensitive by nature, I am dependent on an understanding dentist who fully responds to my needs so that the visit to the dentist does not become a horror trip. In the past, I changed dentists on average every two years because unfortunately there are hardly any specialists in this genre who have the grace to respond to more complicated patients in a friendly and patient manner. I have been a patient of Doctor Lothar Frank for six years and will certainly continue to be so in the future. I am enthusiastic about his professional competence, precise working methods and above all his sensitive way of dealing with patients. I can only recommend this dentist in every respect. In addition, the price-performance ratio is always right. Those who are more likely to be afraid among dentist patients are also in good hands here. Compliments also to his assistants, who know how to support their boss in a pleasant way. Whether young or old, all patients are treated equally friendly and competent!

Date: 07.08.2016

The practice of Dr.med.dent. We recommend Lothar Frank with all the best conscience! The whole team is very friendly, open-minded, motivated and competent. A dentist with a heart who cares for his patients! Andrea and Iwan Reinhard

Date: 01.09.2014

Review from Lutz Heckel

Super treatment! Extremely friendly & competent team! Thank you so much! LG Lutz Heckel

Date: 02.08.2011

Came to this practice on recommendation.2008 2 implants placed, 2009 2 x inspection and profilaxe performed, also 2010. 2011 old bridge in the lower jaw removed and renewed. Very friendly welcome dch.Personal, very good advice dch.Dr.Frank.During and after treatment no complaints. I very much liked the practice equipped with the latest equipment, the well-trained staff and the careful advice from Dr. Frank, including the cost estimate. Dr. Frank's calm charisma is automatically transmitted to the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Frank.

Date: 24.05.2011

My broken tooth was perfectly restored. The staff as well as the dentist Mr. Dr. Seifert were responsive to my dental phobia. I felt very well taken care of during the stay and the whole treatment and was also well advised. I'm staying at this doctor's office. Great praise to the doctor as well as to the very dear and trained staff.

Date: 17.11.2010

Can the dental practice of Dr.med.dent.L.Frank only praise.Super staff and Mr.Frank very sensitive dentist.the practice gives a good smell and quietly trickles the sound over the ears, so that one does not notice the drill any more.recommendation pure.Also coffee and mineral are in the waiting room where you can prepare in the black leather sofa.

Date: 18.03.2010

Very satisfied with price and performance, I originally only went there for a root canal treatment (of course 1 day before holiday start as an emergency) and finally decided to do everything in this opportunity including DH. I can only recommend. Wisdom teeth painlessly removed. Thank you very much and see you next time.

Date: 20.08.2009

I felt very well taken care of! From espresso to high-tech treatment and advice - I was very impressed! And I had paid more for the teeth cleaning somewhere else, too.

Date: 15.04.2009

very satisfied, I can only recommend.