Apollonia-Dental-Praxis reviews and experiences

Date: 06.11.2016

My tooth was pulled very painlessly, but the height of the extraction was enormous. Unfortunately I didn't know this until afterwards that the price for pulling a tooth was much too high! Fr. 438.-- for one tooth and 1 single tooth x-ray!

Response from Apollonia-Dental-Praxis:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sehr geehrte Frau Anceschi Bevor Sie eine falsche Bewertung über mich schreiben, wäre es schön gewesen mich zu kontaktieren, damit ich Ihnen alle Ihre Fragen und Unklarheiten aufkläre. Sie haben nur deutlich falsche und unfaire Sachen erzählt, die man nur als Lügen und Verleumdungen bezeichnen kann, womit Sie nur meinen Ruf schädigen wollen. Sie behaupten Fr. 438.-- NUR für „Extraktion“ und „Röntgenbild“ bezahlt zu haben, was total gelogen ist. Sie haben eine Detaillierte Rechnung erhalten, worauf auch folgende Leistungen zu sehen sind: - „Befundaufnahme“ und Kontrolle der Zähne beim neuen Patienten, - Ausführliche „Auskunft/Besprechung“ über Mundhygiene, verschiedene Therapiealternative für verschiedene Bereiche Ihrer Zähne, Kostenvorschlag für Behandlung Ihres Gebisses u.v.m. - „Spritze“ vor Extraktion. - Einige Leistungen wie „Vitalitätsprüfung“ oder „Parodontaluntersuchung“ habe ich Ihnen sogar nicht in Rechnung gestellt, wie schon viele Patienten von mir kennen. - Falls Sie hinterher erfahren, jemand für die Extraktion des selben Zahnes weniger bezahlt hat, kann daran liegen, welche Position für die Extraktion verwendet worden ist! Die Extraktion dieses Zahns bei Ihnen beinhaltet 4 verschieden Positionen und Punktzahlen, dazu kommt wie viel Spritze, evtl. Röntgen und andere Massnahmen und noch wichtiger der Taxpunktwert des Zahnarztes. - Ihre grösste Lüge ist der Betrag von Fr. 438.--!! Dieser Betrag wäre ohne Abzug vom 25% Rabatt gewesen, Sie haben aber nur Fr. 328.50 bezahlt!! Warum solche Verleumdung? Ausserdem in diesem von Ihrer Sicht „enormen“ Preis, der staatlich geregelt ist, sind die Massnahmen wie Desinfektion, Sterilisation, Verpackung, Vorbereitung der Instrumente u.s.w. einkalkuliert, die Sie als Patient leider nicht mitkriegen. Und bitte nicht vergessen, Sie haben sich in der Schweiz behandeln lassen und nicht in Ungarn! Geschätzte Frau Anceschi, mit solchen Verleumdungen können Sie nicht meinen guten Ruf, meinen grossartigen Charakter als Arzt und meine exzellente Kompetent als Zahnarzt schädigen. Sie müssen auch wissen, dass Beleidigungen und Verleumdungen auch im Internet strafbar sind und Sie können nicht einfach je nach Lust und Laune die Leute attackieren. Ich verzichte auf eine Anzeige wegen Verleumdung und Rufschädigung und wünsche Ihnen für die Zukunft einen Zahnarzt, den Sie verdient haben. Dr. Daschti

Date: 13.07.2016

friendly dentist, cheap, takes time to explain everything and tries to satisfy the patient. I had my broken teeth mended and they still hold after half a year.

Date: 29.08.2014

I haven't been to the dentist in years! Now it had to be because of a "wobbly" tooth etc.! Based on the evaluations here, I have decided to go to Dr. Daschti and I am glad to have made this decision : friendly welcome, pleasant atmosphere and a dentist who takes the time to inform, etc. etc... ! Besides a very sympathetic person, we also laughed together and I will go despite partial *pain with the tartar removal now regularly there ...!!!! Can recommend this dentist ALL. Many thanks to Mr. Datschi for the first treatment, more will follow ! *Ps: Because of the pain : they were "in the frame" and it's my fault that so much tartar has set in over the years !!!! But that will never happen again ... !!!

Date: 26.08.2014

Very competent, detailed advice and friendly, cosy atmosphere. The result of the examination and the treatment plan are discussed clearly and comprehensibly for laymen. The treatments were quite pleasant (no stress, no hectic) and completely painless. Dr. Daschti has exactly kept all promises (treatment, costs). I also find it very praiseworthy that he does not carry out unnecessary treatments, very fair price-performance ratio and flexible scheduling. Never in my life would have thought it possible that going to the dentist could be fun! Thanks for everything!

Date: 08.02.2013

The number 1 in Basel I've had jaw joint problems and back pain for a long time. Before I came to Dr. Daschti, I was already with two dentists/orthodontists who could not help me. About eight months ago, Dr. Daschti gave me a special splint for the lower jaw, which I had fitted, and several tests were carried out from a craniomandibular, kinesiological and physiotherapeutic point of view. The pain's almost gone by now. The root canal treatment of a molar tooth was also very pleasant and painless. Dr. Daschti is a very sympathetic dentist with a broad horizon and embodies excellent professional competence, with which he develops a treatment concept - precisely tailored to personal problems - that allows the treatment result to be perfect both functionally and aesthetically. Conclusion: Excellent dental competence plus emotional intelligence!

Date: 04.06.2012

Finally a dentist who found the problem and could free me from the toothache! A very competent, sensitive dentist, always ready to listen to your questions and wishes. My treatment was painless and the new implants fit perfectly. The practice has an agenda and reports when it is time for cleaning or inspection, which I particularly like. Understands best how to combine the patient's treatment model and budget. Clear offer and correct adherence to the indicated prices. Tip Top!! Unfortunately, true gratitude cannot be expressed in words. I can warmly recommend Dr Dashti.

Date: 24.10.2011

Absolutely competent and sensitive dentist, who takes a lot of time for consultation and does not charge every second. You also get a 25% discount on cash payments. This dentist is a jewel and a rarity in Basel; I can recommend him with a clear conscience after having met several dentists.

Date: 07.09.2011

After almost 25 years of abstinence from the dentist (and correspondingly great fear) I was looking for a dentist, found Dr. Daschti on the Internet and made an appointment with him. (Inside) trembling I came to the practice, but already after 10 minutes my fear had vanished and I gained confidence, because Dr. Daschti is very nice, takes a lot of time for you, advises you well and does nothing, which you do not want yourself. One feels treated by him as a human being and is not simply processed as a source of income. His patients are really important to him. If you have problems with a tooth, he always finds some time for you. And if you use the possibility of immediate payment, the prices are very fair. I can warmly recommend Dr. Daschti, especially to those who are afraid as I am. Of course I'm still a little nervous before every visit, but I'm not afraid anymore, because I feel very well taken care of by Dr. Daschti, and if it weren't exactly a dental visit, I'd really like to go there. Franziska G.

Date: 25.08.2011

I have been living in Basel for six years now and have "tried" three different dentists here. Then I had to admit to myself that I would probably never find such a good replacement for Dr. Daschti. Excellent dentist (personality), works safely, efficiently and cleanly, very competent advice, good range of services at fair prices, without waiting times. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I can only recommend the practice.

Date: 16.03.2011

I got to know Dr. Daschti through an emergency treatment während during a holiday in Basel. Now I came to him again for further treatment. Dr. Daschti takes a lot of time für his patients and one notices that one is advised to his best and it does not concern him to an increase of his turnover. It radiates a peace and friendliness that even my nearly dreijährige daughter could be examined after some back and forth. The dentist who came to Kindertagesstätte had just been turned down by her. Dr. Daschti first played with the chair's electronics and gave her a present after a successful examination. It's a pity that we have such a long journey from Germany, but I can imagine that we won't shy away from the long journey nächste time and will gladly come back to it in Basel. Bettina F. from Offenburg

Date: 31.01.2011

For many years I have been suffering from pain in my teeth, face, neck and shoulders and many unnecessary dental treatments by different dentists have not helped me. Above all, nobody recognized the causes of the pain. After some psychosomatic pain treatment (massage therapy) with Dr. Daschti, I no longer have any pain and can enjoy my pain-free life again. He is polite, calm, very cordial and has a lot of experience. I immediately put my trust in him. It is simply sensational in these hectic times to be able to go to such an oasis and be treated. I also liked the comfortable payment terminal in practice. And for the use of the possibility to pay immediately with a lower Taxpunktwert to be rewarded, I found also very pleasant. The staff is also extremely friendly at all times.

Date: 11.11.2010

After I had always been annoyed with the dentists about the very high prices, it was time for me to look for a new dentist in Basel. The recommendations of some acquaintances convinced me so much that I (by the way anxious patient!) immediately arranged an appointment with Dr. Daschti. Lucky for me, 'cause I found my dentist! Dr. Daschti is very empathetic, extremely competent and takes a lot of time for the examination, you don't feel as if you have been checked out in any way, as is so often the case with doctors! I got a filling -without pain- and bright white teeth after bleaching.