Date: 11.02.2014

I can speak to Dr. med. dent. Recommend Manfred Gawora only warmly. He is an excellent and competent dentist with a lot of empathy and humanity. Many thanks to Dr. Gawora for her perfect work in my oral cavity :-) Best regards

Date: 10.09.2012

Mr. Dr, Gawora was my saviour. Around 8 pm a big corner of my front tooth broke off. The next day I had a very important professional appointment. But I couldn't make it to that appointment. Fortunately I found via google the dental office of Mr. Dr. Gawora who gave me an appointment at short notice. My tooth looks even better now than it did before. A thousand thanks again.

Date: 07.06.2012

Big compliment. All difficult dental problems were solved to my satisfaction. Can recommend the practice to everyone.

Date: 06.06.2012

I'm very pleased. The excellent customer service and the ambience of the practice leave nothing to be desired.

Date: 04.06.2012

Dr. Gawora has removed my wisdom teeth, the treatment was painless and fast. The clarification was good and it also helped me with insurance questions. The staff is friendly and always endeavours. All in all a very recommendable dentist!

Date: 04.06.2012

The doctor makes a nice and competent impression. The practice is clean, tidy and modern. Unfortunately, the treatment is completely overpriced. I paid over CHF 340 for a total of one hour dental check and tartar removal. The voucher for this dentist offered in the dentist comparison serves more as a sales driver for an old X-ray machine that has already amortized. For a similar treatment, other dentists pay almost half the price. All in all, despite the good impression, I won't repeat that.

Sehr geehrter Patient, in meiner Stellungnahme kann ich nur betonen, dass Sie für 340 CHF eine eingehende Untersuchung, eine parodontale Kurzuntersuchung, ein OPT, 2 Bissflügelröntgenaufnahmen, eine Zahnreinigung mit anschliessender Flouridierung sowie eine Mundhygieneberatung erhalten haben. Die Qualität aller 3 Röntgenaufnahmen ist sehr gut und Sie entsprechen dem heutigen Standard. Desweiteren muss ich bemerken, dass ich Röntgenaufnahmen ausschließlich aus medizinischen, und nicht aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen durchführe.

Date: 24.04.2012

I had some ceramic inlays used by Dr. Gawora some time ago. The treatment and the interpersonal contact were first class.

Date: 20.04.2012 Gawora is very sensitive and friendly and, thanks to constant further training, always up to date. Thanks to all-ceramic crowns and aesthetic shape correction, he straightened my oblique front teeth without lengthy orthodontic treatment. Many thanks also to the motivated and nice practice team. I am enthusiastic about the competent treatment and can recommend the practice in every respect.

Date: 19.04.2012

About 8 years ago I came to Dr. Gawora because my lateral front tooth had broken off. Before I was at another dentist who wanted to make me a crown, because a filling would not hold any more. Dr. Gawora built the tooth for me again very elegantly with plastic. He still looks deceptively real and holds super! This saved me the cost of the crown and my tooth did not have to be ground. Also all other fillings, which he made with me so far were super. A dentist you have to find first!

Date: 12.04.2012

I am very satisfied with Dr. med. dent. Manfred Gawora. I was with him to clean my teeth and had no pain, the gums were not injured either. Previously my gums were always inflamed and I had a slight bone loss. Not only did he clean my teeth, but he also explained to me exactly how to keep them perfectly clean. Since then everything is stable and the gums are no longer inflamed. I've never had a professional like this before. Treatment. I am happy to recommend this dentist to others.

Date: 30.03.2012

Hello, I've been in treatment with Dr. Gawora for some time. I've had several root canal treatments with cyst removal behind me. The pre-surgical clearance was always good. Mr. Gawora works calmly and very concentrated and gives you the feeling of being in good hands. The wound healed quickly and with little pain. No fat cheek or anything. Everything was fine during the follow-up examination as well. Cosmetically I am very satisfied with the crowns. Pass, hold and don't cause any problems. My verdict: both thumbs up!