reviews and experiences

Date: 29.10.2017

A lot of money paid for a tooth filling including x-rays and afterwards toothache. That's not what I'd expect from a professional dentist.

Date: 28.09.2017

Review from Fabienne Rubolino

Everything worked out fine. No waiting times, clean work.

Date: 22.03.2017

Review from Svjetlana Berghs

A pointless dentist makes pointless dental repairs just so that you pay money everything unnecessarily just so that you pull the money out of people's pockets unbelievably nieeeee again....

Date: 25.08.2014

Unfortunately I did not have very good experiences, paid for a procedure which basically aggravated the problem instead of improving it. That's what threw money out the window for no reason. Had it even been better, nothing would have been done, so I would have been spared the toothache now.