reviews and experiences

Date: 16.06.2020

I was very afraid of the dentist, especially of the injections but Mr Jacob took them away from me

Date: 19.10.2017

Review from Ni Fo

Basically, I never write a review, but today it "must" be.... and I'm gonna talk a little bit about the length because I'm happy. The dental center.I was very impressed and enthusiastic in Uster, I never thought that the whole team of doctors and assistants would work really hard together and this caring professionalism, the flexibility to change the arrangements in case of an emergency, the reminder of the forthcoming appointment via SMS, the dental hygienist calls me to remind me that it's time for periodic cleaning (that was always a wish I would have expected from other dentists, but never received and if I did, even my wallet had cried), the opening hours (0700 - 2000 and Saturday and still Sunday afternoon) etc.)....hard to believe; since nowadays everything revolves around money and profit (experience with other dentists...), of course it may and can also be so, because at in Uster a service "MIT" integrated patient attention is created and that only for the well-being of everyone..., Why am I telling this? Please read on; ...within 6 months I had 2 emergencies, and lo and behold (maybe my luck, the 1st emergency, tooth N° 47) I met a fantastic duo team; Swiss dentist Marc Zweifel and the dental assistant Alina Balan... "YOU" have shown me that it is also possible to write professionally in a different way: "PROFESSIONALLY", yes...that's how I was treated! During the procedure the doctor explained step by step what he was doing, and every time any instrument etc. was demanded, it was already in Alina's hands, almost had the feeling that the works were "telepathic" together, i.e. "togetherness" and not together. I didn't feel like a patient, I felt like a person. My 2nd emergency (This time tooth N° 46; another chance luck? No! there is not so much luck, it corresponds and confirms the fact about the professionalism of the team)... ....made a phone call and received an appointment at short notice; Dr. Katrin Swierkot WOW!!! a high caliber of doctor, she was prepared to the masses and knew everything about my teeth, think thanks to the good and complete report of the dentist Marc Zweifel and had given everything to put an end to my suffering, she pulled from the bottom "know-how" drawer her KNOWLEDGE and CAN, (such a situation I had before approx. 10 years experienced...other dentist, however, my sorry was put an end to my thinking tooth n° 36, was out) and see there without drilling nor injecting etc. my pain level suddenly dropped from 10 to 3-4, a relief for me could sleep again, she also mentioned step by step what she does... Yes, she took her time, and that's human and exemplary. A few days later I immediately had an appointment with my "Dream-Duo Team" dentist Marc Zweifel and Alina and that was no coincidence hardly has the doctor said anything, Alina was already standing with the demanded xyz parts in front of him. Long talk, possibly short sense.... THANK YOU !!! I stay and become always grateful, I felt well and am glad to be further "customer" with you. In addition I would like to include your management, investors etc. in a quotation and determine the following in English: " Dears Top Management, with this such kind of Team Caliber, whatever you're going to pay them, it's not enough, their duty is combined with "PASSION" and not drifted by Money, and this is the correct core value. stay always tuned because we need you. THANK YOU nico

Date: 11.06.2017

Since March 2015 I have been treated at the dental centre in Uster. In emergencies, I got an appointment the same day. I was always treated very obligingly and impressively friendly. The work was carried out competently. I can recommend the center as a good tip. Thank you so much. Keep it up.

Date: 21.03.2016

I'm afraid I was very disappointed. Seems to think more about the money than the patient. In spite of deregistration, I got a bill for 80. When I gave the x-rays to my new dentist, he couldn't see. So get new ones again. No apologies! Service looks different to me.

Date: 28.04.2014

Tooth correction was successful and I am satisfied with it. Not in positive memory I have the mostly long waiting times before the treatment. Moreover, the high bills are not comprehensible. The last one, for example, took only a few minutes, but cost an outrageous 94 francs.